Happy Birthday Capone!!

Well, my darling Capone turned 1 years old today and I can’t believe time has gone so quickly! I wanted to make quite a bit of a production today but we got back into town this afternoon after celebrating my brother’s wedding in San Francisco.  Take a look at this gorgeous view.. Isnt it amazing?  They got married on Treasure Island and this was the view from the chapel he and his lovely wife got married in. We had a fantastic time and even though I was so excited to see Capone, we just had no energy after two days of rockin the casbah.  Can you tell I look exhausted?

Treasure Island Chapel, SF

 Needless to say, its been a busy and hectic couple of days! I was able to take Capone out last weekend though to do a pre-celebration to San Jose’s Bark In the Park. Its a yearly festival to celebrate the pooches. Since he was so patient and understanding when we were all sick two weeks ago with the flu, I had the hubby stay home with the kids and I took Capone just him and I out to have a little fun.

There were booths, food, vendors, activities and people/doggie-watching/sniffing 🙂 Capone loved it!!

He got his picture taken and everything 🙂

Other than another Irish Wolfhound that we met, Capone was the tallest doggie that we saw there. We also met two other Danes! One was not so friendly and actually snapped at him (how rude!) and another sweet female Dane. She was shorter than Capone and didn’t have such large jowlies. He also met some very small friends too that I think he was very curious about..

Wow, I didnt know they make them that small, Mom!

Capone was very patient if he met a small doggie friend, after all, who wants a huge snout coming at them, ya know? Sometimes little guys need just a bit more space than the bigger dogs. After a while, most of the small doggies would let Capone get close to get a mutual sniff.

It was a great day for promoting my new line of bandannas too!  Did you notice Capone’s Star Wars bandanna? I recently started making double-sided bandannas that avoid the hassle of tying or velcroing onto a doggies neck , but instead slip onto the collar. I like to think it avoids a choking hazard and loosing them! Not to mention, some doggies just dont like the feel of a rough collar and would rather have some nice fabric against their skin especially if they have skin conditions or are prone to having their skin irritated by a collar so voila’.. here are a few pics of the new prototypes. I randomly chose 10 of my friends that all have doggies of different sizes and am in the process of sending out their finished products based on collar size. I have dog models ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  I’m also happy that I will be able to put them into my favorite independently owned pet stores once I get good feedback from my trials. Another reason I’m excited is that I will be putting a portion of the proceeds to animal charities and will be picking a different charity each month in order to raise money from different charities such as SPCA, pet rescue, pet assisted therapy services and cancer research. Here is a sample of one 🙂

I sent this bandanna and one just like it to cousin Boston’s named Piper and Lady. Here they are modeling it for me 🙂

Such gorgeous ladies!!

Also, on the subject of charities, I have signed up Capone and I to walk our first Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer walk next month! The Bark In the Park was truly a test on how he reacted to having so many dogs around him and to see if he could be focused on me with so many distractions.  Since he did so well we were definitely on board. One of my Mother’s best friends’ Golden Retriever passed away at a very early age due to cancer so we are walking in memory of our friend Mocha. It should be an amazing day and of course I will try and post pictures when the time comes! Here is a link to show my page.


Tomorrow we are planning on taking Capone to his favorite walking trail and also setting up a meeting with a photographer friend to take some birthday pictures 🙂 We met her at Bark In the Park and took some very cute pictures of Capone. Here is one of my favorites


Even though we didnt party like we had planned, we did however, give him his favorite meal!! Here is the birthday boy enjoying his beef heart 🙂

They were massive!

He’s always very excited when they get delivered!

Here is to many more birthdays with my big buddy!

We love you Capone!

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10 months and still growing!

Happy 10 months Capone! My goodness, time flies 🙂

We’ve had a pretty busy past two weeks (hence the lack of posts) but heres a little recap 🙂 Lily turned 4 and we celebrated it pirate style at a local park complete with a pirate watermelon ship, tattoos, and a bouncey castle.



She had an awesome time and got a new scooter from us, a handful of toys that she wont see for another few months because I like to slowly introduce in new items, some very cute clothes, and books.

She was so excited about her scooter, even Capone came in to try it out 🙂Image

We were having a gorgeous weather week so we decided to take it for a spin! About 5 minutes away is a plaza/courtyard that is just outside of Josh’s old office building. When Lily was younger, we would go have picnics with Josh there during his lunch hour and enjoy the sunshine. Now that the kids are a little older, we can go and ride bikes and go for walks since it is a large area of smooth concrete to enjoy.


In the middle of one part of the courtyard is a really awesome clock the kids like to visit. Every hour it moves its gears and whistles and drops balls and chimes along. Its a hit with the kids! Capone.. not so much but he patiently waited until the kids had their fill of the clock 🙂

ImageWe also had a playdate with some close friends who have a male poodle named Bodie. We hadn’t visited our friends, the Sandstroms, in a few months, and they were so surprised at how much Capone had grown. Last time we saw Bodie, I considered him a big dog, but giggled at how much smaller he was now. We always consider Capone to be of “normal” size to us since obviously we’re so used to his stature by now.  Here are a couple pics of the boys have some fun 🙂




Ive also been somewhat busy with my small business tote bag endeavor! I just got my business cards in the mail so i’m pretty excited about that!



Cute huh!

Here are two of my latest bag creations..


So since Capone turned 10 months yesterday, I wanted to weigh him again. He’s looking rather thin and no matter how much we feed him, he doesnt seem to fill out at all! My vet said that since hes a large breed it was always best to keep him on the leaner side and the breeder also said that he would be like a teenage boy, really lanky and really thin! Boy was she right because when he stepped on the scale it read..


I was actually expecting a lot more.. kind of in the 120s but its totaly fine 🙂 This is what he weighed when we last weighed him in May..


And since we brought Lily with us it was mandatory to stop and see the kitties and the assorted rodents.ImageImage


What do you mean thats the end of the blog post??

Ciao! Until next time 🙂

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Sunday Funnies!


We cannot wait for winter!  This is how Capone will look next to our children!

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Sunday Funnies!

Look familiar anyone? Happy Sunday!

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Who’s ready for high school?

Capone is!!! Well, Canine High School, that is. We have completed yet another training course, Canine Middle School and it went really well! I think the biggest issue we have had in most of Capone’s classes is his inability to stay focused because there is so many dogs to look at/sniff/meet, etc, that he is Mr. Distraction in class. As the classes progressed I found him focusing more on the task at hand and actually impressing me with his attention. Not that he wont resist the urge to “woo woo” once in a while to make sure everyone knows he’s in class, but its made the experience so much more enjoyable! I dont think he’s ready to pass the Canine Good Citizen exam just yet, but its just one step closer to the goal!

Waiting patiently for his turn to take a picture at graduation

My lovely graduate

All the doggies also got to pick out a toy from the toy bin as a prize after class and of course, anything with a squeaky was just perfect!

Guess how long it lasted?

Two hours later, the squeaky toy was mangled, there was poly-fill everywhere and bits of little fuzzy fabric everywhere! Oh well, at least he enjoyed his silly self!

Since I never officially took his 9 month pictures, I decided to give him a mini photo shoot.

Showing me his best lean

And his long legs 🙂

The other day, we went over to our friend Mika and Luke’s house so that we could have a doggie playdate with one of Capone’s closest friends, Raja. We think they have those kinds of friendships that no matter how much time has passed, when they finally get together its like no time has gone by. Ever since day one (when they first met at puppy socials a good 6 months ago) Capone and Raja hit it off as if they were two peas from the same pod. No matter what, they are always drawn to each other and its nice to see them enjoying each others company whenever they are around each other.

They live about 15 minutes away from us and have a really nice courtyard in front of their home so its nice to have a spot that the doggies could run and jump without having to go to a dog park far away. Boy, was Capone super excited to see his pal! Excuse the blurry pictures, they were running around like jackrabbits and I still havent perfected my action shooting!

The magic sign of Capone being tired of running…. DROOL!

So we gave our friends nice smooches goodbye and hoped we would see them again soon!

On a more personal note, we have decided to keep Capone intact for a few more months. Originally we were going to neuter him at 9 months but now that the time has come, we feel like a little more time would be okay. Considering he isnt marking, or being aggressive to any dogs that he comes in contact with, the need for it really isn’t there. Not to mention he is still a growing boy and would probably benefit from all the extra testosterone 🙂 Another decision we are teetering around is to gastropexy or not to gastropexy. It is a procedure that would surgically attach his stomach to the abdominal wall in effort to greatly reduce the risk of gastric bloat. This happens in large breed dogs because theyre stomachs are not attached to the wall of their abdomen. According to my vet its a very simple procedure that can be done during neutering and has had wonderful results in dogs that could have this happen to them. We’re still deciding if we want to do this or not so i’ll keep you informed of what other research we have done to help us make this decision.

Until next time! Have a great week 🙂

Val & Capone

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Pigheads and Playdates!

Happy Summer!! Summer solstice was this week (although it feels more like spring than summer) and Capone also turned 9 months on the 22nd. I’ve been meaning to go weigh him at the vets office but  with Father’s Day, Logan coming down with a cold, Capone’s training, my bag business and Lily’s weekly ballet class, its been a pretty hectic week! I enjoy a busier day than usual and its rare for me to go to bed earlier than midnight, but every now and then I just need an hour of two of relaxation and reflection: enter this blog post 🙂

Since Capone had chewed up his last stuffie (which claimed it was stuffless yet I still managed to find poly-fil on the floor along with chewed up squeakies ) I couldn’t wait to give/try out his new toy. I have yet to find a good toy for him that doesn’t last but a couple of weeks other than the huge rope toy we gave him last month. While its been very durable, it is however the most painful thing if you get caught up in a rope zoomie situation. Imagine a very thick rope being swung at top speed by an overgrown puppy. Talk about some shin bruises! We’ve had a few good head wacks to the kids so we’ve had to resort to that being an outside toy. I was hoping that this would be the solution for a soft/unstuffieish toy. This is what I got him..

It’s a three-way tug with squeakies sewn in instead of them kind of floating around.

Boy, was he excited when he saw me take it out of the bag!

Making him do some “sits”, “stays”, and “leave its” before he gets his prize!

Such torture!!!

My prancing pony and I having a little fun with the new toy!

Good news, it was a success! Its been almost a week and so far no rips, tears, holes or wear and tear! Unfortunately, we had a ton of errands to run that weekend and lots of family celebrations so we had to postpone Capone’s special outing for a few days.

If you remember, I live near an “okay” dog park down the street that while isn’t too nice to look at, is great for those last-minute dog park romps and socialization necessities. While we’ve had Capone, we’ve visited it frequently and gotten to know some really nice people who have no problems having their small to medium dogs play with Capone. You’d be surprised how many people snub us for some good ‘ol butt sniffing just because of his size. They’ll shoo their dogs out of the way in order to not interact with the big, ominous uh.. puppy 😛 Regardless, its nice having some playdates outside of this dog park to get to know some dogs one on one instead of just compiling a ton of dogs into one area.  There seems to be a fluctuation of times that people visit this park and my favorite time to visit and have a dog playdate is in the mornings. I showed up to the park a little early to take a walk around the park so that Capone and the kids could enjoy a little fresh air before we had any doggy socialization.

The kids climbed trees

And struck poses..

 .. and more poses!

Mandatory trash can sniff

Finally we see Lucy!

Isn’t she cute?

Lucy wasn’t really into playing and running around, no matter how hard Capone tried, this little girl was busy soaking up the sun with her owner. While I can’t blame her, we needed to get the zoomies out! So off we went in search of another furry friend.

Down the ways a bit was a very cute and spunky little Corgi (shame on me I forgot his name but I think it was Cody).  He was very sweet and had no problem with my kids but he was already engaged in a game of fetch with his owner and he got a little anxious that Capone might try to steal his ball so we said our quick hello and goodbyes and off we went.

It looked like we were going to have no choice but to enter the dog park.

Which Capone had no problem with!

Whatever cures the zoomies, right?

We feed Capone a raw diet and I’m always on the lookout for some great deals and freebies. The previous day, I had got a call from a friend of mine that buys her meat in bulk to let me know that she had a pig head for Capone and she was bringing it over. So what was on the menu that day? Pig Head 🙂

He had no idea what it was since it was his first pig head but he was giving me his best “leave it” so he could check it out!

Oooo can I eat it? Can I?

While I didn’t let him eat the whole thing, he did have a good time eating the snout and the ears. She did also give me a little beef tongue which will be next on the menu!

Until next time.. hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Shame on Me!

Its been a while since I last posted and a big shame on you to.. well.. me! Its been a very hectic two weeks and its so nice to be winding down Lily’s last days of preschool, a ton of doctor’s appointments and other personal gotta-do’s that I’ve finally gotten taken care of!

Capone’s outtings (mostly the car outtings) have been slim to none due to the fact that the big boy just will NOT jump into the car by himself! He’s well over 100 pounds now and I can no longer lift his rump into the rear of my Sequoia. No matter how many treats I offer, and i’m talking bacon, chicken, hot dogs, liver.. stuff that he would usually go nuts over, just does not do any good for coaxing him into the back of the car. Josh has the magic touch because he’s gotten him to jump in way more times than I have. I’m just scared that he’ll jump in, get out at our destination and then refuse to get back in when its time to go home! So our outtings have been mostly our daily walks, playtime outside and to our weekly training classes.

Capone has started training classes again! We are now in Canine Middle School which is the continuation of the Puppy series classes taught at A Dog’s Life in Sunnyvale. His classes are on Saturday and even though he works well at doing the commands he is one distracted boy! No matter what I have in my hand as a treat, his focus is mostly on what the other dogs are doing. Don’t get me wrong, he listens and does what he’s asked. He just always has his head in sight and almost leaning to the side so he can get a glance at who else is in the room. Gotta love my social butterfly!

Here he is in class showing off his best “down” position 🙂

Since the classes are on Saturday, we still get a chance to enjoy the tired version of Capone in case we want to go somewhere crowded like a local park and not have him be overly excited or anxious. Today was so hot (106) so we just let him relax after his class since the heat was almost overwhelming by the time it was time to go home.

Its Hot, Mom!!

I recently took Capone to our vet because I filmed an erratic heartbeat of his that seemed really odd since it wasnt an exact rhythmic pattern. I of course being a worrywart, called his vet and immediately started googling it to find out if there was something wrong with Capone. After a short trip to the vet and lots of reassurance, our vet found nothing wrong with Capone, thank goodness! Here’s a clip of what I filmed.. tell me what you think?


Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we plan on taking Josh out to breakfast and then later on to the movies. He got his gift a little early this week ( a 47 inch flatscreen/HD TV)  so I couldn’t get him another large gift.  Instead I bought him a new yummy cologne and I ran around tonight picking up some goodies to make him a very cute card 🙂



Hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day to all the papas of human and furry children!


Love, Val & Capone

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Holidays and a visit from Tia A!!

We had planned a very mellow three-day weekend with the kids and we got a call from Allie, my sister-in-law saying she was coming up to stay with us for the weekend! The last time we saw her was in April for my father-in-law’s birthday party when we went up to Shingle Springs.

Boy was she surprised at how big everyone has gotten… kids AND Capone 🙂 I’ve been using my Iphone for all of my pictures since my nice camera was in the shop with a shutter issue so I took a ton of pictures now that I have it back! Capone LOVED hanging out with Tia Allie.. and the kids were attached to her hip the whole time she was here 🙂

Hey Mom, whats in your hand??

Ooo Tia Allie’s hair looks kinda yummy tho!

Poor Allie got tons of attention!

But what on EARTH is that box in Moms hand that keeps doing flashies???

And of course, no visit is enough without being turned into a sofa for Capone!

I love this picture!!

After Capone’s little snuggle fest, he brought over some of his favorite toys to play with including his squeaky snake and his Elmo 🙂

Showing off my best zooms!

 And his super doggie strength!

As usual, you can guess what happened after 45 minutes of showing off his best tricks and playing as hard as he could..

After tucking the big boy in, we decided to take the kids out for a little walk to the local park down the street.

Isnt this the cutest little wagon? My in-laws gave this to Logan for his birthday but since he had it in December, we haven’t really used it due to the weather. But now that it’s getting much nicer, the canopy is so useful especially for my little fair-skinned sweeties.

Prince Lo climbing up Princess Lily’s tower.. according to her 🙂

And although it was only a short trip, we all loved every second we got with Tia Allie!

Also, no weekend wouldn’t be complete without some new fabric! Check out the newest prints 🙂

I made a beach tote for Allie with the peacock fabric and a medium tote in the Dia De Los Muertos fabric.

My helper as always 🙂 He can clear the ironing board now!

The finished product!

This is probably one of my favorite fabrics and I’ve gotten a fantastic response from friends of mine that are wanting to have a bag made just like this one.  Unfortunately, as I found out today, when trying to order more, I found out that it is already out of print!!! After being on the phone for a while with every wholesaler I could talk to, I finally found the last 14 yards of it!! I special ordered it and although im bummed that it will no longer be made, I’m excited for anyone who gets to have a part of this limited edition bag!

Tomorrow I’ll be checking out how my other bags are doing at For Other Living Things and seeing how progress there is. If you don’t remember, it’s the pet boutique that I got to sell my items at.  You can check out the post here. Hopefully I’ve sold at least one!

If not, you’ll see them on my soon-to-be Etsy shop 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Val & Capone

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Out With the Boys

It was bath day and Capone, Lo and I headed to our local PetSmart yesterday for some good ‘ol bathtime. I really like that they have an amazing pet washing center that’s really convenient for big doggies that don’t want their baths outside with garden hoses and only the option of really cold water. Capone just isn’t a fan of water to begin with (unless it comes out of a water fountain) and when he feels the lukewarm water, he relaxes and seems to enjoy himself a lot. Not to mention my tub is just way too small and I don’t have a removable shower head.  So Petsmart is now our bi-weekly outing either on Tue or Thursday whenever Lily is in preschool. One less child makes a world of a difference!

He enjoys any outing really, especially since he loves sticking his head out of the window of the car, but especially to any pet-related location. The employees are starting to recognize him at the PetSmart store and Capone makes sure that he goes up to every employee there to get love (especially since he knows they all wear treat bags so he can show them his best “sit”).

While on our way to the grooming center, one of the employees that we had met the last time we were there, let us know that they had gotten some really cute leather collars in that week including blue leather ones. I had been looking for a blue leather collar for Capone now that the one he has fits him a bit snug. I promised to take a look and we went to go get beautiful 🙂



Oh but first things first.. we had to stop by the rodent section. The boys are obsessed with any rat-like creature and who could blame them.. the hamsters and chinchillas were so precious!! Something about their beady little eyes make them so adorable. Logan laughs his head off whenever he sees them in the hamster wheels. Capone just stares and tries to follow the very fast critters..

They were fast little guys!

Once we were all done we stopped by to check out the collars. I’ve been meaning to get Capone a nice heavy-duty collar but can never find one that has the double stitch detail, the right thickness, and that is the nice navy blue that I’m looking for. Also, is it me, or do all the thick heavy collars all HAVE to have spikes on them? Or some sort of ominous looking grommets that would look more appropriate on a biker helmet? Lo and behold, we reach the collar aisle and wow, it’s truly a collar aisle!

Capone liked how the metal collars sounded when they clinked together. He kept pushing them with his nose 🙂

After a few glances at the different collars I found it.. the perfect blue, leather, double stitched extra long collar that I’d been looking for!

This particular Petsmart has a vet office in their store so I love having the option of being able to weigh Capone anytime I want to instead of having to make a trip to my vet since I can no longer carry Capone and find that out for myself on my home scale. And the survey sayyyyyyyss…….

He broke 100!! To think that Capone is going to outweigh me in 15 pounds is kind of crazy and awesome at the same time!

When we got home I couldn’t wait to put on his new collar 🙂

Leather smells good!

How do I look??

Woof  Woof! Love, Capone

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To New Adventures…

Hello Again!! Its been a good week and half since I have come to visit my blog ( I always like to post an update every three or four days) and its literally because I’ve been tied to my sewing machine! A few posts ago I shared that I was starting to make reusable totes, and the coolest thing has happened.. I’ve had the opportunity to sell them at my favorite pet supply store, For Other Living Things.

It all started about three weeks ago when I saw that they had stopped giving out plastic bags at that store and I mentioned that I had started to make a tote bag project. Interested, their sales rep asked me to make a few to bring them by so that she could check them out. Being that it was Mother’s Day weekend and allergy season was in high gear, there were plenty of distractions and cold/allergy symptoms to push back the project. As I came in a second time to replenish Capone’s trachea chew treats, I was reminded again to have the bags be brought in so off to the fabric store I went.

I decided to get a variety of colors and prints but focused on pet themes. I wanted to make at least 15 in two different sizes as well.

These are just a couple of examples of the pet themed fabrics I was going for.

I also knew I was going to be working in my kitchen a whole lot so I invested in another baby gate ( I had since taken down the other permanent one because Capone was very good at not crossing into the kitchen) however, Logan was going to be a problem since there would be a plethora of pins, needles, bobbins, thread that I knew he would love to get his little chubby hands on. I did want a gate that could be “pushed” out-of-the-way if need be so I got this really great deal on a pet gate that is an accordion swing out style that expands when I need it and tucks away nice and neat when Logan is either napping or has gone to bed for the night.  But also keeps Capone at bay in case he wants to succumb to temptation and go rummaging in the trash can like I caught him doing one night! 10 more minutes of trash digging and this is what I would have encountered…

Hee hee.. so the baby gates work for both “boys” to have them obey the rule at least until they get a bit older 🙂

Mother’s Day had just passed and Josh had bought me this really beautiful bird bath that he promised to put in our front lawn. The backyard is more for Capone so I wouldn’t dare put anything back there that is fragile or could possibly get knocked over or chewed.  So while I was doing this…

Josh was  busy all weekend putting up my new bird bath and planting some beautiful plants 🙂

Cant wait for all the plants to grow bigger and bloom!

While all this activity was going on Capone was happy to stretch out in the hallway (his new favorite spot) and snooze the day away. The kids were at my parents house so he was happy to have an empty house and the whirring of my sewing machine to lull him to sleep 🙂

I finally finished early Sunday afternoon and boy was I happy that all the hard work paid off! I was really pleased with how they all come out. Here are some of the bags..

The scorpion themed bag was my favorite!

Here is the entire lot 🙂

I even created a little tag for the merchandise. I put Valbagz as a temporary name, I am currently trying to figure out a nice catchy logo to name my project. Any suggestions are welcome!

Its nothing fancy but at least it tells people that it was handmade and that I am a pet lover 🙂

So my appointment was on Monday and it couldn’t have gone any better! To make the long story short.. before the meeting was done, shelf space was made and voila.. it was already displayed!!


I was so happy! I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂 Forgive the tired look.. I was literally running on 4 hours of sleep because I was up tossing and turning the night before! I really WAS very excited. Sure I’ve made other things in the past for people, costumes, cakes, diaper cakes, baby blankets (I’m a little too crafty for my own good) but this is the first time any of my stuff has been in an actual store. I so appreciate the gals at FOTL for taking a chance and being open to my creativity! Like I’ve said before, def go check this store out, they are amazing and now there’s another reason.. to go buy my bags!!!

With all the excitement I almost had forgotten that Capone was about to turn 8 months old today!! Its my Dad’s 65th birthday today too (Happy Birthday Dad!) so everything got a little hectic for me over the past few days. This morning I did remember and let Capone snooze a little in our room before the kids got up as a special treat. Remember how we have a baby gate in the hallway blocking our side of the house to his side of the house? Well he usually presses up as far as he can to the babygate before we get up or else he’ll come torture Pepsi who sleeps in our room. But since it was his 8 month birthday I let it slide!

Happy 8 months Capone!!

Uh oh.. he spotted Pepsi

but only came up for a good morning sniff hello 🙂

For being such a good boy with Pepsi, I gave him his present right away! I bought him the biggest rope toy I could find. Boy was it heavy!

He LOVED it!! He also got the clue that he could play tug of war with it, which we haven’t really let him play at all since we wanted to teach him to “drop” an item without being too possessive, but since he has the drop command pretty down, I thought it would be fun for us (not to mention a good bicep workout) to let him play tug of war once in a while with his new toy. My daughter Lily, really wanted to join in the fun and after a few warnings of possible failure on her part, she bravely tried to play with Capone.. here’s how it unfolded..

She went down hard!! Completely hysterical with laughter though, and sweet Capone dropped the rope and came over to sniff if she was okay.

And then came over to me to let me know that he didn’t mean to push down his little human 🙂

It was certainly good exercise for him especially since he slept through his usual daily walk routine 🙂

Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!

Until next time…

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