Hello world!

So I finally did it.. Ive decided to start blogging again and what better thing to blog about, than our little (ahem, well not so little) Capone 🙂 I guess it all started about 5 months ago when Josh and I were sitting around watching Dog 101 and it happened to be the Great Dane episode. It kind of went like this.. our eyes met, the hamsters started turning and we both said “we gotta get a Dane”! That night we emailed a handful of breeders and we found one in Oregon by the name of Mount Olympus Danes. 2 months later and voila.. Josh went to go pick up our beautiful boy, Capone.

Here he is in the car. Hes so little still! Taken on 11/19/2011
Josh made it back in the middle of the night so we got to bond with Capone a little before the kids woke up. In the morning, we surprised the kids and it was love at first sight. Well at least for Lily. Logan still had to do make adjustments since Capone liked to lean and lay on him pretty much every opportunity he got. We got him a crate which Logan and Lily happily tested..
Once he got settled in.. the adventures really began. Crying in the middle of the night, potty training, shots, you name it. Oh and Capone was a handful too! 🙂 Here is a few snapshots of the past 3 months just to fill you in 🙂
Wearing his first big boy collar
Eating his favorite treat, a trachea
Carrying the “baby”
Enjoying a playdate with his littermate, Graycie
Meeting a new friend from puppy school, Raja his BFF
and another Dane friend, Toby
Of course sleeping. Here he is at 10 weeks
And making himself at home on the kids’ furniture (the only furniture he’s allowed on)
We’ve also made the choice to feed him raw.. so here he is trying out raw chicken for the first time (he LOVED it) and since then have put him strictly on this kind of diet.
The weather started to get a bit cooler so we decided to get him a sweater.. which lasted about 5 minutes before he tried to gnaw out of it.
11 weeks 🙂
For Christmas, we spent it up in Shingle Springs, CA with Josh’s parents so Capone got to taste a bit of the country! He loved it! While I know hes a couch potato at heart, nothing cures the zoomies best than running out in the middle of a country plot of land 🙂
Here he is at 2 months:
The last time I was able to carry my “baby”. Christmas Eve 2011
When we got back home, Capone carried on his normal routine of…
Being a good playmate
And relaxing 🙂
In the past few days, Capone has also hit a few milestones! He reached 45 pounds, had his first grooming experience (he wasnt too fond of the hair dryer), outgrew his first crate..
Here is his upgrade! Its huge!
His first night in it 🙂
And also graduated his puppy class!
So far, life with Capone has been pretty amazing. Im sure I will one day grow tired of the “do you have a saddle for that thing?” or “is that a horse” comments but for now, its welcomed anytime someone stops me to check him out. What can I say? Im a Dane lover and my Dane is pretty awesome.
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2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Wow your blog is like 100% of what my life is about. We seem to have gotten our danes at around same time. My Blue Dane, Bella will be 6 months soon and its like im reading my life on your blog.
    Up until a few weeks ago everyone asked me if she was a wolmierana! I also couldnt believe the size of her at 4 weeks and size of her at 4 months. Her eyes were same , She sits same , sleeps same on her back legs all over show and as much as a handful she is, she is adorable and HUGE part of our family. So i can totally appreciate your love for this beautiful dane!!!

  2. Hi Candice! Thanks for coming to visit and your kind words! Id love to see a picture of Bella, do you have facebook? You are more than welcome to add me @ Valerie Bryden. Funny, how our babies have been with us for such a short time but already such a BIG part of our lives! Again, thanks for coming to visit and much love to Bella!

    Val & Capone

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