New Bed/Training Mat

So Capone is now officially in his Puppy 2 class! One of the requirements is to bring a soft mat that will be comfy and welcoming in order to teach “park”, “stay”, “on your mat”, etc. But silly me thought a doormat would be enough. Poor Capone didnt even have enough room to stretch out let alone have a mat that would be comfy and inviting enough to want to stay on. So I set out to find the most comfy mat (that could grow along with him) that I could find. I visited my local dog boutique (because we like to support local businesses). Its called For Other Living Things and its a wonderful store! Here is a short video of their dog section.

Capone loves to go in and select his own pig ears, tracheas and bully sticks for the week. Its one of our favorite places to visit since they always have a new treat for him to try. Well, we found the biggest mat/bed we could find but unfortunately it is a little too square to fit into his new crate. I couldn’t resist picking it up so that we could use it for his puppy 2 class (of course he’ll have the biggest mat in the class) especially since poor Capone needed a big one that we can use for more than a month! So I ordered one to fit his crate and we took the bed home.
I think he likes it!!
So much so, that he fell off of it because he was snoring so hard!
We’ll see how he does with it tomorrow at his Puppy 2 class! Maybe he might even share it with some of his smaller classmates.
Speaking of sharing, or lack thereof…. I think sharing Lily’s comfy chair days are over because she was NOT happy! Hee hee!!
Until next time! Woof Woof!
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