Growing Up!

It’s vet day and Capone had an appointment for his last round of shots. Dr. Kureshi at Cupertino Animal Hospital is really amazing and is always so attentive. I picked him because he had experience with large breed puppies, was an advocate of a raw diet and can always squeeze a patient in if need be.

Its always nice to have pleasant experiences at our vets office and Capone has never showed any fear or anxiety to go see his doc πŸ™‚ Which makes me a very happy camper.

Waiting patiently for his turn

Getting love before the ouchies come!

What ouchies? I’m too busy eating these “cookies”!

Of course, as usual, Capone didnt even feel it! Well, maybe he did, but he wasnt letting on πŸ™‚ What a tough guy! And after tipping the scales at 62 pounds, we were on our way home. Here is a look at an average Great Dane growth chart. Even though its not something you should follow to a “T” (every dog is different and grows in his proper way) its a nice way to get an idea of how much and how fast these beauties grow on average.

Birth weight: 1-2 lbs
Week 1: 2-3 lbs
Week 2: 3-5 lbs
Week 3: 4-7 lbs
Week 4: 5-8 lbs
Week 6: 12-20 lbs
Month 2: 18-27 lbs (13-17β€³)
Month 3: 30-45 lbs (17β€³-22β€³)
Month 4: 50-65 lbs (21β€³-25β€³)
Month 5: 65-85 lbs (25β€³-30β€³)
Month 6: 70-100 lbs (27-32β€³)
Month 7: 75-110 lbs (27-33β€³)
Month 8: 80-115 lbs. (27-34β€³)
Month 9: 85-120 lbs. (28-34β€³)
One year: 90-135 lbs (28-36β€³)

Full grown: 100-190 lbs (28β€³-38β€³)

For males, 140-170 lbs. & 33-36β€³is typical
For females 110-140 & 30-33β€³ is typical.

Capone even lost a tooth this week! I couldnt find it, he had been gnawing on a trachea that morning so I know its probably long gone. But here is a picture of the hole πŸ™‚

Check out my pearly whites!

Until next check up!

Woof, Woof πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Growing Up!

  1. Good job Capone! Darwin always gets excited as we walk up to the vets office.
    Keep a look out for those teeth. We’d find them all over the house!

  2. I’ll for sure keep an eye out for the toofers!!

  3. Haha my human kept some of the teeth she found when I was a baby – creepy, right ? I know.


  4. Brandy H.

    I love reading your blog. I have 7 Great Danes (only 2 are adults) and 1 Australian Shepard. I wish you were closer so that my fur babies could have a play date with Capone. Too sweet!

    • Hi Brandy!

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Wow, 7 Danes! Sounds fantastic πŸ™‚ Where are you located? Thank you again for visiting πŸ™‚

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