Dane Love…

Its February already!! Our house is decorated for Valentine’s Day and this week so far has been filled with all kinds of Dane love..so I thought I would include pictures of Capone’s loves and of him loving on his friends and family.

I love laying in the perfect sunray

Picnics in the backyard 🙂

I love storytime with my family

..and naptimes with my favorite blankies and buddies.

I love exploring outside and digging in dirt.

I love my vet and everyone who takes care of me 🙂

I also love playing with other Dane friends like Toby..

.. and my sister Graycie..

.. and playing until the sun sets 🙂

But most of all, I love being my goofy self 🙂

Who wants to be my Valentine?

Woof Woof!!!

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11 thoughts on “Dane Love…

  1. Tiffany

    Soo cute! Loves !!

  2. Awww love these pictures! Especially holding hands at nap time! So cute!
    Darwin would LOVE to be your valentine!

    • Woof Woof!!! Maybe you should send me your snail mail so I can send you a lovely Valentine’s gift!



  3. Hi Capone, we found your blog through Lincoln. You look like a real sweetheart and we love the photos of you and your adventures. Nice to meet you. I am Stella a 9 months old Cocker Spaniel and my brother is Rory a 7 month old blue Great Dane. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    • Hi Stella and Rory! Thanks for visiting! We’re so excited to be making other doggie friends from around the world 🙂

  4. Loooooove the pics ! Especially the last one ! hehe


  5. Oh! What a gorgeous post!! 🙂 Such a nice idea…”Dane loves”…hee! hee! And you’re really growing, Capone – into a very handsome young gentleman!! 😉 (I love your new header picture too)

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. I meant to say – have you shut down your old Blogger blog? If not, you should leave a note there directing people to this new address – in case anybody goes looking for you there – they won’t think they you’ve just suddenly stopped blogging!

    • Hi Honey!

      *blush* Thanks for noticing 🙂 I’m growing so fast that my humans cant believe how much weight I put on every time I go to the vet. My vet is happy at how lean I am especially since its good for us to put on weight slowly but he’s convinced I’m going to be a very tall boy. How tall are you Honey? And did your humans ever worry that the weight was coming on too quickly?

      Licks & Leans,


  6. Luna

    Capone, you are tooo cute!!! I love the story-time photo! I roll around on my back a lot too! And talk while doing so. Hahaha. Happy early Valentine’s day to you! Lovies, Luna

    • Hi Luna!

      I love listening to stories during storytime. I even sing along sometimes, which really annoys my little human, Lily. She shows me the pictures and sometimes when Ive been sitting quietly, I’ll get a treat after quiet time 🙂


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