Ridin’ along in my automobile…

Capone has finally outgrown his travel crate. We had it in the back of our SUV but as of last week, it was so awkward for poor Capone to squeeze in an out of it that we decided to let him stretch out his legs (literally) and get the entire back cab of the car. Our back window also goes down which will come in handy when he finally figures out that he can lean his head out the back. I’m too paranoid he’ll try to squeeze out so I only drop it down a few inches. I also brought in his comfy mat and it fits perfectly! He was so comfy in it that he didnt want to come out for his Puppy class today. So I snapped a few photos 🙂

 Since this was the first weekend that we were going to be having Capone lay in the backseat, we haven’t gotten around to getting a pet barrier yet. But since he has a thing for trying to eat Lily’s or anyone else’s hair for that matter I need to get one ASAP.  I can just hear the whines from the backseat that Capone is trying to chew on her hair.

So, I’ve researched a couple of brands and they all seem to be pretty somewhat universal.

Here is a picture of one that I was thinking about getting … the doggie does look pretty happy back there 🙂 And theres room between the bars to still get a nice little ear massage.

Did I mention he took his time getting out of the car?

But once I mentioned that he would get his “cookies” (dental treats) he was out in a flash to enjoy his class.

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2 thoughts on “Ridin’ along in my automobile…

  1. Oh Capone – you really are getting to be a big boy now!! 🙂 It’s great that you’re so relaxed in the car machine…

    Oh – and we had EXACTLY the same dog guard as the one in your picture, back in Auckland! It fitted in our Honda CRV. It was pretty good – the only thing was, you had to really extend the bars (up & down) to make sure it’s jammed it against the ceiling pretty tight, otherwise it’s not very stable and will easily tip over if pushed. But if it’s wedged in, then it’s fine. I used it for years. It’s great as if your humans ever need to lower the back seats for some reason *(eg, moving furniture) then you CAN remove the dog guard temporarily and then put it back again!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Oh yay! I was hoping I would get a good review to make my final decision. I like the fact that it wont be installed permanently and that its not a grid so that we cant reach through the gates if need be!

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