Its a hygiene kind of day..

I read somewhere that Great Danes dont need to be washed very often but maybe theyve never owned anyone like Capone. If its muddy, stinky, sticky, gooey, and covered in dirt, then its probably been touched/rolled in/licked or sat on by you-know-who.

Capone sleeps in his crate with his oversized blankie (we let him have our old king sized fleece blanket) along with his favorite blue blankie and his small baby blankie. Its a whole lot of blankets and when they start to smell like whatever he’s rolled around in, our living room starts to stink! Because boys can get a little smelly! Shh.. dont tell him I said that because he thinks hes a handsome boy ALL the time like mommy tells him. But lets face it, sometimes little boys need to get clean!

We have a pretty small bathroom and tub and we didn’t feel like bending over continuously (he’s not super tall yet obviously) so we decided to head on over to our local PETCO pet store because their grooming department has a self service wash station. Its kind of like those self service car washes, only for doggies 🙂 They have elevated tubs and ramps so that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting or bending over to scrub the doggies clean! And they have detachable hoses for the shower heads so that you don’t get water everywhere! Not to mention it has warm water so it beats getting hosed down in the backyard with cold water 😦 For $12 you get an apron that looks like you’re about to butcher a cow (you know one of those heavy duty black kind that get worn in slasher movies), all the shampoo you want, three clean towels, and an optional bow.

Josh and Capone, patiently waiting for our turn 🙂

Giving one good ear rub before we go in and right before Lily yells she needs to go potty. (Can you tell?)

I dont know what to do Dad, should I sit or stand???

Bring on the warm water!!

Not too much shampoo, I still want to smell nice and doggyish!

Capone was getting a little nervous about the hair dryer, so the kids and I went out of the grooming department so that Josh could finish up with him without the added noise.  We looked for a new squeaky toy since his squeakies last only a couple days due to him trying to chew out the noise maker. Lily wanted to get him a rubber chicken but I opted for something a bit more durable 🙂

This is what we decided on…

Its an Air Kong squeaky toy and its so far lasted the whole night!! Still intact!! I think Capones record for getting a squeaky out is 15 minutes. So it was key to get something that would last. It feels like a tennis ball and the squeaky sounds wherever it is squeezed which will keep his interest. So far so good!

Finally, when we got home I showed Capone his other treat for being such a good boy…

A new toothbrush!!

Capone loves getting his teeth brushed and will lay down and just let me brush for as long as I want. I think since he is loosing teeth, it feels good on his gums but hey, doesn’t brushing feel good anyways? We’ve gone through two toothbrushes already because sometimes he forgets its not for chewing but for brushing. Last time I got a spiny brush and Capone just couldnt get used to the whirring motor so we’re right back to the normal ones.

Lets hope he is always this good whenever the toothbrush comes out!

Until next time!

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2 thoughts on “Its a hygiene kind of day..

  1. Wow, Capone – you lead a pretty busy life! 😛 But it’s really great that your humans are taking you out and giving you all these different socialisation experiences during these important formative months in your first year!

    But I have to say…Publc Baths?!?@3%$#@!!! My humans took me to those once and oh my God – the humiliation!! It’s bad enough having to have a Bath but to have one in Public???
    Still, you seemed to be enjoying yours…maybe if you start young…

    Oh – and it’s great that you’re so good about getting your teeth brushed! Will come in VERY handy as you get older and your teeth get dirtier! 😀 We find those Nylabones very good too – have you got some of those? They keep you occupied and also help to clean your teeth – the harder surfaces give really good abrasive action. And they came in all sorts of cool shapes – you can even get dinosaur ones! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane

    • Hi Honey!
      I try to take Capone out wherever we go. Its hard sometimes because I have two little ones that I have to cater too as well and sometimes wish that I had unlimited time (and childcare) to take him to more exotic places! On the to do list for sure now that he has had all of his shots is the beach, the snow, and a very posh local mall that is down the street.

      Oh now you’ve made me feel bad for taking Capone to get groomed! Our bathroom is so tiny and our showerhead doesnt detach and I cringe to think of the water mess and wet dog running all over the house!

      We got him a Nylabone and he just doesnt seem interested in it. We tried even smearing it with a tiny bit of peanut butter but all he did was lick it off. I tried this chicken Nylabone and he gave it a good chew for a few minutes but then ignored it and it sits to this day in his little toy box.

      He loves his “cookies” which are a dental treat from his vet so we figured that and brushing his teeth daily will do the trick!

      Have a wonderful week!!

      Val & Capone

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