The Odin Project.

Ive recently been contacted by a man named Thomas Sandberg that is doing research on the life expectancy of large breed dogs in particular Great Danes. He’s trying to research the correlation between diet and life span and breaking the cycle of loosing these gorgeous beauties at such an early age. Its primarily through raw food including prey model and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets, which is what we have Capone on. It makes me hopefull that we are doing the best thing for Capone and prolonging our time with him by giving him the best nutrition possible. I know feeding raw is not for everyone and all doggies can thrive on every kind of doggie food there is, we just feel like there might be a chance to have Capone in our lives as long as possible with choosing this route of nutrition. Here are some links to his website and to participate if you have a large breed dog and the link to his facebook page.

And for those who are interested in feeding raw and learning a little more about the myths and facts about raw feeding, here is a link to some information.. 😉


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One thought on “The Odin Project.

  1. Oh how fascinating!! I’d never heard of him but I’m so pleased somebody is finally doing a study. I’d definitely be interested in joining in this project! Thanks for telling us about it!

    I have to say – one of the main reasons I switched Honey onto raw is because in the course of doing an indepth article on it for one of my dog magazines, I came across a Dane breeder who only feeds raw and she claimed all her Danes lived to 11+, many to 13…of course, this is all anecdotal but I thought, if there was any chance at all of a raw diet prolonging Honey’s lifespan, it was good enough for me! Honey does certainly seem to be “younger” and in better condition than many dogs her age – but I don’t know how much of that is down to good genes too! 😛


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