Dog Parks!

Now that Capone has had all of his shots, I have been trying to get him to visit all of our local dog parks in search of the nicest ones in our area. Luckily, we have fantastic trails, beaches and state parks that we can always go to, however, I’m trying to get him to have as much socialization as possible. Of course, dog parks arent the only place to have him get socialized but going on walks, visiting schools, malls, and other public places that we have been to sometimes work against us. I sometimes find people walk away from us because Capone is a big doggie. While I would love for him to meet every person that walks past us, 9 times out of 10, they either pass us quickly, or actually go out of their way to avoid coming near him. If only they knew what a big pile of mush he is 🙂 Of course you get the occasional person who wants to meet him which is fantastic, but for the most part, our outings that aren’t at dog geared locations, sometimes just end up being him and I doing little training sessions.

SO, the dog park really helps with meeting other doggies that want to play and other people/kids that go there knowing that they are going to meet dogs, want to meet dogs and know how to meet dogs. Read up on this wonderful post shared by Honey the Great Dane ‘s Facebook page which demonstrates proper pooch etiquette. Its very cute!

So far we have visited three..

Fremont Dog Park, Las Palmas Dog Park, and Mountain View Dog Park.

Here are my reviews and some pictures..

Fremont Dog Park

Rating: B+

This is a great park because of its space, however it only gets a B+ because it is completely covered in astro turf. While its nice to not be on dirt, its pretty stained and just doesnt look very appealing. The dogs dont seem to mind it at all and during the rainy season makes it super convenient to still be able to bring your doggies out to play and not have a mud field.

Second is Las Palmas Park.

This doggie park unfortunately gets a C- rating. While its the closest one to our house, it is very dated, all dirt,  and only has 1 human bench. People have brought in plastic chairs but even then, those are falling apart. I dont think we’ll be coming back to this dog park often but its nice to have it for a quick pre-doggie preschool zoomie releaser.

And lastly, we’ve visited Shoreline Dog Park in Mountain View. While it was dirt as well, it was a much nicer dirt and there was lots of places to sit, trash cans with doggie bags, a doggie fountain and a picnic area with shade. I give it a B- only because of the non-grass. It is in a nice area (surrounded by Google offices and the Shoreline Amphiteatre) and there’s no loud traffic to startle any of the dogs 🙂

Next week we’ll be going to Santa Clara Dog park and walking the Stevens Creek Trail. Lets hope for no rain!!

All this dog park talk is making me tired!

Nite Nite!!

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One thought on “Dog Parks!

  1. Luna

    You are so lucky to have multiple dog parks nearby! Looks like a lot of fun. 🙂 Woof woof!

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