Sushi & Sharks, Graduation Day & The Tooth Fairy!

Sushi anyone?

Sounds delicious right?

Look, even Capone loves it 🙂

Well alright not that kind of sushi but he does love his fish meals!

Josh and I decided to try a new restaurant called BlueFin that opened not too long ago near the HP Pavilion which showcases artists and sporting events. His company, Intermedia had a company night at the Pavilion for the San Jose Sharks game, so we decided to get sushi before the game.  Coincidently, I used to work for this restaurant a few years ago (back when Josh and I were dating) as a cocktail server, so it’s a little odd going back since most of the decor has stayed the same.

Josh’s favorite food really isnt sushi but he never passes up an opportunity to eat some yummy gyoza and Japanese beer 🙂

I ordered some edemame, a seaweed salad and a Dragon Roll. It was delicious and probably one of the best Dragon rolls I’ve ever had!

Josh ordered their handmade gyoza’s which were PERFECT!! Not at all gummy like they usual are at some places and chicken teriyaki with veggie tempura.

Yummy Gyoza!!

Dragon Roll!


Here we are enjoying our sushi!

Kind of blurry but you can see their company on the jumbotron!

Unfortunately, the Sharks lost but it was still an awesome time 🙂

This Saturday was Capone’s Puppy 2 graduation! Our family photographer was coming by that morning to take Logan’s 1 year pictures so I was busy at home making Logan a bowtie for the occasion. Check it out!

So since I was at home sewing my little heart out, Daddy unfortunately forgot to take a picture of Capone graduating 😦 But here is a picture of his certificate!

Again, he took the class at A Dog’s Life and we saw so much change in Capone this last series of classes. Its as if the light bulb went off in his head that he likes training and now tries to get our attention in a positive and welcoming way, as opposed to barking, chewing and trying to sit on one of the kids 😛 He’s more attentive, more polite and genuinely such an easy-going mellow boy. We’ll see how long that lasts since I’ve been told they start to get a little unruly in the teenage years. We already signed him up for the next Puppy 3 class and kind of figured it would be best if we always had him in some sort of training class. Not only is it his special time with either Josh or I but he gets all the mental stimulation in learning new things. Its exciting seeing how far we can take it. Perhaps we can even get to the Good Canine Citizen AKC recognition!

 We wanted to take Capone out to celebrate but as much as we tried to motivate him to get up, the graduate did NOT want to get up off his blankie, so we let him sleep the afternoon away.

Mr. Motivation!

Dont worry, we didnt let him sleep the ENTIRE day.. but since it started to rain that afternoon, a nice 30 minute walk around the neighborhood was all the excitement that we could offer.

And guess what we found this morning?

The toothfairy is coming tonight!!

Until next time!

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4 thoughts on “Sushi & Sharks, Graduation Day & The Tooth Fairy!

  1. Oh Congratulations on the Graduation – and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve “discovered” training, Capone! I just love it – and it helps you & your humans have a wonderful relationship together! I’m so pleased that you’re continuing with classes – can’t wait to see you doing the Canine Good Citizen! I love that class and think that all pet doggies should really do it – it’s wonderful for teaching daily skills and learning how to behave, in face of so many common distractions. I think your humans are doing such a fantastic job with you! 😛

    Oh – and wow – how cool to see a doggie tooth like that! My humans never found ANY of mine!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. OOH! JAPANESE YUMMIES!!! We were getting so hungry reading this post! 😉

  2. Hi there Honey!

    Yes, we are trying to have Capone take as many training classes that we can find. He really enjoys it and its fun also showing the kids how to interact with training activities with him so that Capone knows how to play “nice” with the kids instead of wrestling and rough play. The one thing Ive noticed is that when we’re at home, he is so good with his training sessions and is very interested in all treats, but once we go outside, even if its just by ourselves, he hardly listens and doesnt at all care what is in my hand, or the command im giving him. Did you see this with Honey when she was a puppy?



  3. Luna

    Congrats on graduating!! I just graduated my first class too! 🙂 I have to ask, what did the tooth fairy bring??

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