Valentine’s Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I hope you all got a little extra love yesterday and more snuggles than usual 🙂

Our day started with everyone getting up before the sun (ugh) and waiting patiently for the first stream of sun to crack through the blinds.

Greeting the day with his squeaky buddy.

Its part of our daily routine to welcome the sun. It’s almost as if he can’t start the day without doing the same thing. I’ve heard of most Danes being pretty lazy in the morning but not Capone! He is our drill sergeant and always makes sure never to miss a sunrise!

Ok the sun is up! Now we can start our day 🙂

Since Josh goes to work before any of us get up, he had to leave my Valentine’s Day present waiting for me in the kitchen.

Josh knows I love flowers but hate to see them wither away when they’re cut so he got me a Stargazer Lily plant!

And of course a beautiful card as well 🙂

Capone was very curious about the flowers in the kitchen but good boy knew that he wasnt allowed to cross over the baby gate.

Getting his Valentine’s love 🙂

Lily made sure to give our kitty, Pepsi, love too!

She’s a big fan of the sun as well! For those who are wondering, she is a Sphynx and completely hairless other than a tiny bit on her tail and a smidge on the top of her head. She’s 12 years old and not very tolerant of Capone wanting to play/wrestle with her all the time.

That’s why she’s not in very many pictures 🙂

Capone even got to enjoy some flowers of his own on our walk that morning!

Lily had school that morning, and a Valentine’s Party at her preschool so of course we got a flood of Valentine’s when we got home. I helped her make her own Valentine card for Josh. It turned out so cute. Here is a picture of it.

Those were all her answers 🙂

Picture of Josh complete with glasses and facial hair.

Josh and I celebrated with getting some take-out from our favorite Italian restaurant, Frankie Johnny & Luigi’s. We made sure to get it after the kids had gone to bed so that we could have a nice meal without all the usual child interruptions 🙂 We were so hungry and anxious to have some time alone that I forgot to take pictures of our meals or any pictures of us for that matter!

I did however get a really cute video of Capone trying to eat some bubbles Lily got in her Valentines stash.

Hope everyone had as much fun and love as we did!

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5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Love!

  1. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Capone!!

    Ha! Ha! – with ears like that, you;d hardly need sunglasses! 😛 You look adorable!

    And wow, Lily certainly is a very unusual looking cat – like something out of a fairytale! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Oh Capone – I forgot to say – that picture of you sitting by the baby gate is just GORGEOUS!!! And you’re so good now with the Kitchen Rule!

  3. Thanks Honey!

    We’ve been trying our best to let him know where he can and can’t roam freely and so far so good! Baby gates have been SO helpful! Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Luna

    Oh Capone – you are too handsome for your own good!! Hahaha. I love how your ears cover your eyes – mine do that too sometimes! I need to learn the Kitchen Rule but it’s difficult with the layout of this house! Maybe I should try the rug idea like Honey.

    I’m glad you had a great Valentine’s! ❤

  5. Hi Luna!

    Sometimes I wish I had the cleanup Kitchen rule.. as in have Capone come in and “clean up” all the goodies the kids drop so that I dont have to sweep my kitchen floors 3 times a day!!

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