Hooray for new places!

As promised (to Capone that is), last week I took him and the kids to some new spots to check out. How happy am I that we get to adventure to new spots now that he has had all of his shots. He enjoys our walks around the neighborhood but anytime we can go somewhere new its an added bonus!

We ventured to Reed Street Dog Park in Santa Clara and it was really nice! There was plenty of places to sit, an overhand shade and plenty of trees. They don’t call Santa Clara ” Tree City” for nothing!

Its located off of a pretty busy street and the local CalTrain runs somewhat near it so there are plenty of “city distractions” but Capone didnt seem to to mind.

Other than Fremont City Dog Park, this is by far our favorite nearby city-sanctioned dog park.

There are other off-leash locations near us that we have yet to try because we’re still working on Capone’s recall. He likes to “adopt” people that are nearby and its hard to get his attention to bring him back sometimes.

We were only here for a little bit due to there not being very many dogs to play with but

Capone did find a very cute pitbull puppy to sniff while we were here 🙂

 We also had another break in the cold, wet weather to introduce Capone to the Stevens Creek Trail. Its not a “hiking” trail per say but its a nice paved path along Stevens Creek that is visited and traveled by runners, walkers and bicyclists every day. I used to run this trail very often when I was single, and now take both kids in the jogging stroller when the weather is too beautiful not to be outside. So now, I get to come with Capone and enjoy with him and the kids as part of our weekly cardio regimen 🙂

 We started at the Yuba Drive Trail Head beause it has the easiest access to parking. It also features a very welcomed human and dog fountain to quench the thirsties after a nice jog or walk along the trail.

 It was REALLY windy that day so hoodies were completely in effect 🙂

 Capone did a really good job at maintaining his gait with my speed ( I have short legs so sometimes he looks at me like “hurry up slow poke!”) and made sure to watch his back legs from running into my rear stroller wheels.

 I know you’re not supposed to really “run” a Dane before he is 18 months because of possible joint damage but this little guy was ready to run! Its as if he was on the verge of sprinting the whole time 🙂 We made a couple of strategic stops just so I could curb the itch!

 Oh! Is that a squirrel?

 Everyone loved the little blue bridge

Can we go down that way?

On the large blue bridge.

One hour later, the zoomies were finally cured and we had our mellow boy back.. snores and all ♥


Oh and for the record.. we’ve found 4 of his teeth already! How is this kid going to eat without his teeth!! Until next time… 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hooray for new places!

  1. Capone – you get cuter every time we see you! 🙂

    I must admit, we also didn’t follow the traditional advice of never letting your Dane puppy run or play when it is growing. I don’t believe in extremes and I prefer “Everything in moderation” – so we did let Honey play and run a bit (a fair bit!) – I think it is unhealthy also to restrain them too much. We had one Dane friend whose owners started screaming everytime she started to run and would never let her play – I think that can cause problems in development (both physical and social) as well. We were pretty relaxed about Honey’s growth and development overall – like she was allowed to go on stairs and allowed to run and play. And she hasn’t really suffered from that in her development – as you can see! 🙂

    I think it is just being sensible. Obviously, you wouldn’t NOT take a Dane puppy to jog for an hour every day or try to do agility jumps and stuff like that – but I think a bit of free running and play is fine!


  2. I completely agree Hsin-YI.. he really enjoys running at the dog park and I know he only does it until his body tells him that he’s had enough. I read his cues and know when its time to go and when he still has energy left in him. I have replaced one walk with a good 35-40 minute of playtime at the dog park or with a playdate and sometimes that makes him more tired than when I just go walking him around the park. Its as if it satisfies him more to go play after a doggie buddy than to go around the neighborhood. I think its healthy to let him play than to restrict him and constantly tell him no. Hopefully we get to be as agile as Honey when we reach Honey’s age 🙂

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