Dane’s Aplenty!

I signed up for a Great Dane Meetup group when I first got Capone and went to our first Meetup this weekend with my girlfriend Stacy, who also owns a Dane, Toby. I actually met her from the group when I sent an email to get some puppy playdates back when Capone hadn’t had all of his shots yet and I was looking for good ol’ socialization for him.  Fast forward two months and YAY! We get to go and play now. The meetup was at a location in Fremont called Shinn Pond and offered off-leash fun for everyone. Josh was out of town this weekend (as well as the car) so Stacy, Toby and the rest of her family, came to pick us up to take us there. She owns a minivan, which her 2 year old Dane, Toby has no problem leaning his head out the window while he rests his front paws on the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Capone, who has layed down since day 1 on car rides, did his best to stand like his buddy, Toby. It was an interesting carride!! Between Capone howling at Toby to “play” in the car, to Toby wanting to stick his head out the window (mind you, I was in his seat), and Capone trying to squeeze in both Stacy and my lap, we were all happy that it was only a 30 minute drive!

Once we got there, it was a short walk to where all the Danes were playing. According to the map, we were supposed to enter on the right hand side of the pond but we took the left and got a bit lost. It was okay because we got to see more of the pond and other great spots that we wouldnt have seen had we gone the way were were supposed to go 😛

In the distance we saw the group!!

There were a ton of blue, some black and mantles, one fawn, and one harlequin.  It was so nice seeing Danes of different ages, colors, build, temperaments, and personalities! There was even a little blue Dane that was 3 weeks older than Capone! Capone’s reaction was priceless! Its as if he knew he was a part of the “club”. He truly acted like a puppy, on his back and wanting all the attention of the older Danes. He would happily bounce back and forth between all the other Danes and try to play with everyone. Of course, him and Toby (his BFF) always ended up wrestling on the ground as usual 🙂 Those boys never get tired of tackling one another in a brotherly way.

Here are a few pics from the afternoon 🙂

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Thanks to Stacy and Teri for some of the wonderful pictures! Teri and Eric are the organizers of the meetup group and also asked Stacy and I to organize some meetups for the South Bay. So I’m on a hunt to find some fantastic non-city spots that the doggies can run and play off-leash. Perhaps a beach down in Santa Cruz or at one of the many open fields near Stanford University.  Eitherway, im excited to have finally introduced myself and Capone to the group. Even Logan got the initiation.. doggy-wise that is 🙂

Afterwards, we all reluctantly went home and it was a very quiet ride back 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Dane’s Aplenty!

  1. How fun! I love Dane meet ups! It’s always fun to walk around with such a big group if big dogs and seeing other peoples reactions.

    • It was SO nice having people who were already used to Great Danes. I didn’t have to apologize for everything he did (mostly leaning on everyone) and didnt have to shoo him away from people that were intimidated by his size 🙂

  2. looks like a fun meet up! great photos! :-)And you also seems to have more blue and black Danes then fawns!

    • Hi Honey! Yes, we only had one fawn and it definitely reminded me of you! Poor thing though, was a rescue and the owner said that when she got her, she only weighed about 75 pounds and she was skin and bones. Now she weighs a little over 100 and that she’s gaining weight at a healthy rate every day. We’ll be going to another Great Dane meetup next weekend so we’ll see how she is doing!

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