Fishin’ and Frolickin’!

Hooray for fantastic Saturday’s! This past one, Josh decided that we should take the kids to do some good ol’ fishing. He bought us our licenses and the kids some fishing poles. How cute are they? Lily’s even came with a princess tackle box. It was hard for them to not want to rip them open right away but knowing we had toddlers, infants and a chew-happy puppy, they were photographed and put up on the shelf for the next day!

We have a few options of lakes and reservoirs around our area but since it would be the first time with the two kids and Capone, we thought we would take it slow 🙂 We ended up going to the Campbell Percolation Ponds that feeds from the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Coincidently, they have Kids Fishing Day periodically throughout the spring and summer so we knew it would be a great first time spot for us.

We packed our things ( and plenty of snacks) and hoped we would catch something! Capone loves to eat fish and we thought, since the bass, trout, etc. were all farmed, what a great way to use our resources! Of course, expecting not to catch anything, we still did our weekly Costco run to get Capone’s meat and fish JUST in case we failed miserably at angling 🙂

When we got there, there was already some fisherman along the shoreline so we hopped out of the car and went to go claim our spot.

It was a GORGEOUS day and even though it was a little windy, it was hard to believe that it was in the middle of February. Gotta love California weather! Even Capone looked like he wanted to take a dip in the water!

 Josh carefully got all of our equipment together and helped us get our poles in order. He is quite the fisherman so he had all kinds of trinkets in his repertoire to “entice” the fish. We settled on some fishy smelling pellets and hoped it would do the trick.

After a few attempts at casting, Lily got the hang of it and had no problem reeling in the line and casting herself. Of course, with me holding onto her sweatshirt while she was doing it because the worrywart in me could just see her flinging herself into the water.

Logan however, was quite content banging his fishing pole on the ground and taking it for a walk 🙂

Capone didnt know what to really make of it, all he did was go back and forth between looking like he was about to jump in, to looking as if he would break out into a sprint and chase after the geese that were on the meadow behind us.

Ready to catch the “big” one

Should I go in the water?

Or should I chase after these geese?

Even though we had more than enough equipment and what Josh describes as “fish crack” , we unfortunately caught no fish 😦 Lily still enjoyed herself immensely and has already asked when we would return to do more fishing. I think next time we’ll leave Logan at home because he kept wanting to run in the other direction with his fishing pole!

After about an hour, Capone started to get antsy too. We also picked that spot because there is a local dog park (YAY). So while the kids had snack time, I took Capone to discover a new doggie park. This park was called the Los Gatos Creek dog park and was on the bigger side. Lots of shade and astro turf lined most of the grounds. There were plenty of benches and even a picnic area that you could campout while your doggie played. However, who would picnic inside a dog park while every doggie comes up and tries to beg for food?

Anyway, it was a welcome treat for him and after being so good and patient while we fished, Capone made up for it with sprinting back and forth with some new friends and thankfully getting the zoomies out 🙂

And guess what? As we were leaving, I spotted a familiar shape of dog coming towards us and it was another Great Dane puppy! We introduced ourself and turns out it is a fellow Meetup member! She had not yet gone to a meetup and we exchanged information so that we could get some puppy playdates in order. Here is a picture of little Odin. He is a 6 month old mantle.. he was so cute!

All in all, it was a fantastic day! Until next time!

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5 thoughts on “Fishin’ and Frolickin’!

  1. Luna

    What a fun day!! I can’t believe how big you are getting Capone! So handsome 😀

  2. Looks like a fun day!
    And ODIN! How cute!

    • Odin was totally adorable! Unfortunately, both of them were so squirmy it was hard to get a good picture! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      Val & Capone

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