Hello Again.. San Francisco..

It’s been about 10 years since I lived in San Francisco and a tiny part of me misses the hustle and bustle of the city and all of its excitement. I’ve been a DJ for about 15 years now and back when I would have 2 or 3 gigs a weekend, it was the best place to be and work. Obviously, my life has changed and I have my beautiful family now. So of course, visiting always brings back that wonderful nostalgia of living in that wonderful city. We had a Great Dane meetup in SF last weekend so I jumped at the chance to go and take Lily and Capone to visit one of my favorite places there, Fort Funston.

Its right off of PCH (Pacific Coast Highway/Highway 1) and is on the southwest side of SF near Ocean Beach. It’s one of the few places that allow off-leash dog access at a beach and it was my first time going with both kids.

I also picked up my brother, Gabriel, who lives in the city and it was so nice for Lily to spend some time with her uncle at the beach 🙂

After a very short 10 minute drive.. we drive into Fort Funston.

Boy, was it crowded when we got there! There was already quite a few people in the parking lot but it wasnt hard to spot the Danes waiting to go down the dunes to the water. There was even some fantastic hand gliding daredevils flying overhead which fascinated Lily.

The weather was beautiful with absolutely no clouds in the sky. They did creep in soon afterwards. Chilly? Yes of course but it was so worth it! I used to live about 10 minutes from Fort Funston in the Sunset District and we only got 4 or 5 non-foggy days in the year so this was such a welcome treat for everyone im sure.

We were greeted by everyone and it was so nice starting to see familiar faces. Of course, Capone was loving every second of it and making sure to say hello/sniff everyone.

Everyone getting acquainted

Once everyone was there, we headed down the trail to the ocean. It was about a 10-15 minute walk (depending if you were holding onto Capone’s leash or Lily’s hand) and the entire trail was tree-lined with gorgeous smelling eucalyptus trees. The smell reminds me of my brother who used to collect the little seed pods when we were kids.

View to the right of the trail with Sutro tower in the distance.

Towards the end of the trail at the clearing of the eucalyptus trees. We can see the sand dunes!

My little 3 year old legs cant keep up with those long-legged Danes, Uncle Gabe!

We made it to the beach! Now, time to go down the steep sand dunes…

… after of course I let Capone off his leash before he drags me down the side of the hill!

We made it to the beach!!

It was Capone’s first time at the beach and on black sand!

Duke coming up to say hi. I love seeing all the Dane footprints everyone was leaving 🙂

Capone had a blast! A little apprehensive to actually head into the water but he loved running up and down the wet coastline!

Gorgeous Delia checking out the waves


Lily even got some help digging her sandcastle from Delia and Molly 🙂

But they helped a little too much and made the hole as big as Lily 🙂

Capone even enjoyed a little sand dune climbing

After about two hours, everyone got a bit tired and we all headed back up the sand dune hill and up the trail to head back to the cars..

You mean we cant stay here forever????

Poor Delia looked so sad that everyone was leaving. Her human, Carolyn reassured me that this was her normal look but that it definitely works for her advantage to get what she wants. Hee hee!

Gabe showing Lily the Fort Funston tunnels before we head to lunch.

Well, we said our goodbyes and until next times and we headed into the city for something to eat. Lily suggested sushi so who were we to say no! With Capone happily snoring in the back of the Sequoia, we headed into the city for some sushi. We decided on Nagano Sushi off Geary and it was wonderful! I tried a roll called the “No Name” roll and it was delish!! Salmon, in a tempura fried seaweed roll on a bed of teriyaki sauce.

Can’t forget the seaweed salad!

Waiting patiently for her miso soup and white rice 🙂

What a fun day we had! After lunch, we said goodbye to Gabe and headed back home.

oh yeah, and I actually remembered to have a picture taken where I was in front of the camera too!

The sign of a good outing! Hope to return to Fort Funston again soon!

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