Fighting like Cats & Dogs!

We have had Capone for 4 months and I’m wondering if he and Pepsi (our 12 year old Sphynx kitty) are ever going to get along! It pretty much goes like this..

Pepsi creeps out of our bedroom and hallway to the living room where she has to walk through it and leap over some baby gates to get to her food and water that is in the kitchen. She slowly creeps into the living room, waits to see if she has Capone’s attention… oh wait.. hes napping in the sun.. maybe she can get his attention.. oh yes, lets just slither on over to him and do a casual meow.. just to make sure he’s paying attent… (insert clumsy Great Dane getting up on his feet and charging at Pepsi).. Pepsi hisses and swats at his face and then makes a scramble to the kitty door within the baby gate before she triumphantly trots on over to her food bowl while Capone eyes her like a hawk through the gate or just beyond the threshold if the gate is open (Thank goodness he knows his boundaries).

So that happens like 10 times a day and while he’s pretty good at the “leave its” and “come” so that he doesnt instigate it, Pepsi does just as much if not more instigating!! I’m hoping they end up looking like this one day.. one could only dream 🙂

Instead he pretty much looks like this..

There’s that kitty!!

She’ll come back through the gate sooner or later!!!

I might as well get comfy.. so close yet SO far!

The torture!!!

So for your listening enjoyment.. I dedicate this song to Capone.. his official kitty chasing anthem 😛

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