Happy Half Year With A Little Spring!

Our little Capone is 6 months old now! I went to go weigh him today and he is 78 pounds and getting taller by the day! He can now do things that he wasn’t able to do before..

I can reach the water fountains like my friend Toby

Now if only they could make them so I can turn them on by myself!

I give Mom makeup and hair tips in the morning now that I can see her through the shiny thing!

And I can beg for Lily’s corndog and I dont even have to get up since I’m tall enough to lay my head on the sofa while laying down 🙂

But the funnest part of Capone getting bigger is that he’s learning more tricks and obediance!

It was rather rainy last week, so I decided to teach him more things since we could only go outside for a little bit. It even hailed twice this weekend which was rather rare for our part of the country. So while Capone wanted to do this…

I taught him how to “kiss” and “shake” 🙂 Check out the latest video!

When the storms finally passed, its as if Spring automatically turned on! All the trees in our neighborhood are blooming and its beautiful to go on our daily walks!

Enjoying the break in the weather!

Also, a few weeks back was our good friend Toby’s 2nd birthday! He is Capone’s bestie Dane friend who we hang out with quite often and we were invited to his party at the park. We all got a goodie bag with a treat and a squeaky ball! The goodie didnt last long but the squeaky ball was a hit! We stopped by our favorite store For Other Living Things and picked Toby up some presents! We got him a new dog bowl, a massive rope toy and a doggie biscuit. Here are some pics of the afternoon..

 Running up to the birthday boy

 Capone was hoping he would share his new toy!

Mandatory crazy-faces!


The Birthday Boy!

All that running wore him out!

We had a great time and it was nice to be able to celebrate with friends 🙂

On a side note, speaking of celebrations.. I made a cake for a friend of mine this weekend for her son’s 8th birthday. He wanted a Sonic cake and of course, I jumped at the chance to make it for him.

Until next time!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Half Year With A Little Spring!

  1. Hi Capone, Wowza, Six months old. I didn’t realise we were a similar age. I am eight months old and we are the same colour too. Cool. Looks like you had a fabulous time at your friends party. Its always fun to play with friends. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory P.S. We love the cake your mum made!

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