Capone’s New Bed!

Hello blog world! We’ve been gone for a week to visit my in-laws near the Lake Tahoe, Ca area (I’ll blog about that in a few days once I’ve uploaded the pictures) so I’ve been MIA from posting! I was getting withdrawals so now that everything is nicely unpacked and the kids are in bed I can share what’s new 🙂

Capone got a new bed! If you remember, this is what his old crate looked like. Silly us, thought that he would last in this crate for a while. But it only took 3 months for him to outgrow it! Josh and I thought about buying the largest crate available but since Capone is out of his chewing phase and has never destroyed anything related to the sofas and carpets, we thought we would try and just get him a large comfy bed. I even tested it out about a week and a half ago, we took down his crate and I went errand running to see how he would do without it. I told him to be a good boy (put some large ride-on toys on the sofa to deter him from being a couch potato) and came back to a very undisturbed house with a sleepy boy lounging in the sun. Did I also mention that I didn’t want a huge ugly crate in the living room? Of course, if we NEEDED to we would get the monstrous crate but I have confidence that Capone is past the crate necessity months.

So I happily started researching the biggest comfiest bed I could find him. I found a website that makes eco-friendly dog beds from recycled materials and I was SO happy that they made XXXL beds! is the site and I ordered a 58x 50 inch bed that comes with a suede cover that overlaps a waterproof lining and inside has 100% recycled chunks of memory foam. The site also carries other replacement covers including a denim cover we’ll be buying once the weather really changes to keep him nice and cool! The price was relatively inexpensive ( $92) and it accommodates pets up to 180 pounds.  Most of the reviews are Dane owners so that was a selling point! Poor Capone gets used to a bed and then WOosh.. it gets switched on him, so we’re thinking long-term with this bed this time and hopefully it lasts for quite a while!

Here are pictures of the product…

Doesnt that Dane look comfy?

So after a few days, it showed up on our door! I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture of us opening it. Needless to say it was VERY vacuum packed and once I made the first cut of the package it started to swell up like a balloon! Capone didn’t know what to think of it and was very scared so we opened it while we gave him a little snack outside so that he wouldn’t be afraid of it and not even want to lay on it! Once I got the very comfy suede cover on it and put it in the same spot as his other bed we let him in.

Its half the size of our sofa!

Sniffin out the new bed

He needed a little encouragement from Josh!

I’m still not sure!!

Finally settling down

I’ll pretend that I like it, okay?

5 minutes go by and he’s still on the bed.. so far so good!

Even though for the first 30 minutes he was kind of apprehensive about the new fluffy big thing that was in place of his old dog bed, he finally settled down and just rested. I thought everything was going well until bedtime came around and Capone kept pacing and pacing, moving from location to location trying to get comfy. I knew something was up, so I went to the car and got his old memory foam bed and put it on top of the new bed to test my theory. And voila..

Sometimes you just need a little piece of what you know to move on with something new. Nite nite everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Capone’s New Bed!

  1. Hi Capone, what a great new bed. Our mum bought Rory a new bed too and had to get the biggest size too. Yours looks very comfy. Lets hope you don’t outgrow it hehehe. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    • Hi Stella and Rory! Today was the first night that he didnt need to have his old bed on top of the new bed! I hope he doesn’t outgrow it either, what would be next? A futon mattress? An inflatable king sized bed? Gotta love our big babies!


      Val & Capone

  2. amey

    I love reading your and Capone’s blog 🙂 that last picture is to stinkin’ cute!!!

  3. That looks like an awesome bed! Looks so soft and padded.
    When we got Darwin we didn’t bother getting small stuff that she’d outgrow, we just went straight for things that would fit her when she was full grown. Luckily it worked for most of the things we got and we’ve been able to save some money that way.

    • Hi Brooke and Darwin! It makes total sense to just have gotten everything in full size stuff but silly us just didnt go that route. The good thing is that it since its used such a short amount of time and everything is practically brand new, I get most of my money back. Hopefully we dont have to buy another dog bed anytime soon!
      Hope you have a great weekend!

      Val & Capone

  4. Gosh that bed looks sooo comfy and soft! 🙂 We wish we had one like that – maybe we can talk our humans into making one for us!

    That last picture is sure adorable!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    • Hi Lexi & Jasper! Now that its evened out, its definitely his favorite spot now 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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