Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!!

Summer is coming!! We just survived our first heatwave of the year and although we now have our AC unit up and running, the first day while it was still in storage was brutal! Poor Capone was so hot and non-motivated that the only thing he wanted to do was lay on the cold tile!

Here in the Bay Area we dont get extreme differences of weather from one day to the next so whenever it dips a little down or heats up a little above what we are comfy with, we all start complaining and agonizing over the weather gods torturing us! πŸ™‚ I tried giving Capone a reason to cool off with some water but he didn’t want anything to do with the hose and stayed clear of the splashing children!

He did however, really enjoy the fans and had a good time chewing on a little portable fan I got for the kids…

Pepsi, our Sphynx was LOVING the hot weather! Usually she is curled up under a blanket all day but she actually got out to come out to play!

That night, I made it priority for Josh to bring out the AC unit and we were all so much happier!! Granted, our electricity bill is going to be a dagger in the side but its worth it not having that uncomfy feeling of going to bed feeling hot and miserable!

Β Instead of playing outside we stuck with doing indoor activities for the first day because it was so nice being in the cool house…

Like making forts out of the couch cushions πŸ™‚ Although Capone was a litle upset he couldn’t actually go inside and enjoy himself.

And getting some good naps in πŸ™‚

I would say the only person who didn’t enjoy the AC unit blasting away was Pepsi. Β She pretty much disappeared once the house started to get cooler and I only found this peeking out from under her usual blanket…

Its amazing to me how much she can tolerate the heat. It could be 90 degrees outside and she still wants to be completely buried underneath a blanket. I swear sometimes I’m afraid she’s going to have a heatstroke but thats the way she’s always been. I guess if I was completely naked too I would want to be underneath some sort of cover as well.

As far as the relationship between Capone and Pepsi (remember I was worried that they would never get along?), well it really hasn’t gotten any better and he still tries to chase after her. I think its affecting her because she is avoiding coming out of our room because she doesn’t want to be chased. So much so, that I caught her drinking out of the toilet!! Just so that she would avoid the kitchen, where her food and water is! We have a baby gate at the end of the hall that divides the house between kitchen, living room and kids room, and then the other side is bathroom, and our room and a little area where her kitty litter is. Sometimes, Capone stands at the front of the gate so that he can wait for her to jump out so he can chase her down the hall. Poor thing is old, so I’m worried that it will really hurt her if she has to hurry to climb the baby gate with a huge Dane puppy running after her. We’ve tried to encourage him to leave her alone but some days are better than others! I did snap a cute picture of him sniffing her (thats all he really wants to do to her) before she got too crabby and left.

I know he doesnt want to hurt her, he’s just a big puppy that wants to play with an old, cranky kitty πŸ™‚ Here he is just being the silly guy that he is..


Hopefully the gooffiness only continues with the singing.. not the kitty chasing!!

BTW.. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful day πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!!

  1. Oh Capone – I hate the heat too! It turns me into a totally different dog. And let me tell you – I think all kitties have some weird thermostat malfunction thing which makes them like HOT things. Coz Muesli sure isn’t naked and she just loves anything hot too! She’ll sit RIGHT by the heater machine, with seriously her nose touching the HOT metal vents and her fur is all burning up to touch – and she’ll stay there like that for hours. My humans are amazed she doesn’t just catch fire…

    Tell your humans not to stress too much about you & Pepsi – we think it just might take some time. Although me & Muesli often look very cuddly in the photos (Hsin-Yi is good at grabbing the magic moment, even if it only lasts for 0.005secs! πŸ˜‰ ) – we weren’t actually really comfortable with each other or voluntarily getting close until about a year after Muesli joined our family, It’s mostly on her part – she was still really easily startled and scared by me for most of the first year. We got her in Feb last year – and it has only really been since around Xmas last year and starting this year that she is getting really comfy & confident with me and doesn’t jump out of my way all the time and scurry away from me (yeah, now the little minx just hogs my bed!! πŸ‘Ώ ) and she actually comes up to me by herself – without encouragement from the humans – to rub against me and touch noses with me and cuddle next to me. But that’s really only been in the last few months – so it’s taken well over a year for her to feel comfortable. And she’s a really young kitty. So I imagine it would take longer for an older kitty – especially when you’re a much younger, more rambunctious doggie than myself! πŸ˜‰

    Honey the Great Dane

    • Isnt it crazy how cats can withstand the heat? I honestly dont understand how they dont singe their fur. Our inlaws have a wood burning stove and Pepsi gets as close as possible to it during the winter months!

      Sorry to hear Muesli is such a bed hogger, but I’m sure the snuggles are nice! Pepsi is such an old kitty and set with her ways but who knows, her and Capone might become friends one day πŸ™‚

      Take Care,

      Val & Capone

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