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Pigheads and Playdates!

Happy Summer!! Summer solstice was this week (although it feels more like spring than summer) and Capone also turned 9 months on the 22nd. I’ve been meaning to go weigh him at the vets office but  with Father’s Day, Logan coming down with a cold, Capone’s training, my bag business and Lily’s weekly ballet class, its been a pretty hectic week! I enjoy a busier day than usual and its rare for me to go to bed earlier than midnight, but every now and then I just need an hour of two of relaxation and reflection: enter this blog post 🙂

Since Capone had chewed up his last stuffie (which claimed it was stuffless yet I still managed to find poly-fil on the floor along with chewed up squeakies ) I couldn’t wait to give/try out his new toy. I have yet to find a good toy for him that doesn’t last but a couple of weeks other than the huge rope toy we gave him last month. While its been very durable, it is however the most painful thing if you get caught up in a rope zoomie situation. Imagine a very thick rope being swung at top speed by an overgrown puppy. Talk about some shin bruises! We’ve had a few good head wacks to the kids so we’ve had to resort to that being an outside toy. I was hoping that this would be the solution for a soft/unstuffieish toy. This is what I got him..

It’s a three-way tug with squeakies sewn in instead of them kind of floating around.

Boy, was he excited when he saw me take it out of the bag!

Making him do some “sits”, “stays”, and “leave its” before he gets his prize!

Such torture!!!

My prancing pony and I having a little fun with the new toy!

Good news, it was a success! Its been almost a week and so far no rips, tears, holes or wear and tear! Unfortunately, we had a ton of errands to run that weekend and lots of family celebrations so we had to postpone Capone’s special outing for a few days.

If you remember, I live near an “okay” dog park down the street that while isn’t too nice to look at, is great for those last-minute dog park romps and socialization necessities. While we’ve had Capone, we’ve visited it frequently and gotten to know some really nice people who have no problems having their small to medium dogs play with Capone. You’d be surprised how many people snub us for some good ‘ol butt sniffing just because of his size. They’ll shoo their dogs out of the way in order to not interact with the big, ominous uh.. puppy 😛 Regardless, its nice having some playdates outside of this dog park to get to know some dogs one on one instead of just compiling a ton of dogs into one area.  There seems to be a fluctuation of times that people visit this park and my favorite time to visit and have a dog playdate is in the mornings. I showed up to the park a little early to take a walk around the park so that Capone and the kids could enjoy a little fresh air before we had any doggy socialization.

The kids climbed trees

And struck poses..

 .. and more poses!

Mandatory trash can sniff

Finally we see Lucy!

Isn’t she cute?

Lucy wasn’t really into playing and running around, no matter how hard Capone tried, this little girl was busy soaking up the sun with her owner. While I can’t blame her, we needed to get the zoomies out! So off we went in search of another furry friend.

Down the ways a bit was a very cute and spunky little Corgi (shame on me I forgot his name but I think it was Cody).  He was very sweet and had no problem with my kids but he was already engaged in a game of fetch with his owner and he got a little anxious that Capone might try to steal his ball so we said our quick hello and goodbyes and off we went.

It looked like we were going to have no choice but to enter the dog park.

Which Capone had no problem with!

Whatever cures the zoomies, right?

We feed Capone a raw diet and I’m always on the lookout for some great deals and freebies. The previous day, I had got a call from a friend of mine that buys her meat in bulk to let me know that she had a pig head for Capone and she was bringing it over. So what was on the menu that day? Pig Head 🙂

He had no idea what it was since it was his first pig head but he was giving me his best “leave it” so he could check it out!

Oooo can I eat it? Can I?

While I didn’t let him eat the whole thing, he did have a good time eating the snout and the ears. She did also give me a little beef tongue which will be next on the menu!

Until next time.. hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Shame on Me!

Its been a while since I last posted and a big shame on you to.. well.. me! Its been a very hectic two weeks and its so nice to be winding down Lily’s last days of preschool, a ton of doctor’s appointments and other personal gotta-do’s that I’ve finally gotten taken care of!

Capone’s outtings (mostly the car outtings) have been slim to none due to the fact that the big boy just will NOT jump into the car by himself! He’s well over 100 pounds now and I can no longer lift his rump into the rear of my Sequoia. No matter how many treats I offer, and i’m talking bacon, chicken, hot dogs, liver.. stuff that he would usually go nuts over, just does not do any good for coaxing him into the back of the car. Josh has the magic touch because he’s gotten him to jump in way more times than I have. I’m just scared that he’ll jump in, get out at our destination and then refuse to get back in when its time to go home! So our outtings have been mostly our daily walks, playtime outside and to our weekly training classes.

Capone has started training classes again! We are now in Canine Middle School which is the continuation of the Puppy series classes taught at A Dog’s Life in Sunnyvale. His classes are on Saturday and even though he works well at doing the commands he is one distracted boy! No matter what I have in my hand as a treat, his focus is mostly on what the other dogs are doing. Don’t get me wrong, he listens and does what he’s asked. He just always has his head in sight and almost leaning to the side so he can get a glance at who else is in the room. Gotta love my social butterfly!

Here he is in class showing off his best “down” position 🙂

Since the classes are on Saturday, we still get a chance to enjoy the tired version of Capone in case we want to go somewhere crowded like a local park and not have him be overly excited or anxious. Today was so hot (106) so we just let him relax after his class since the heat was almost overwhelming by the time it was time to go home.

Its Hot, Mom!!

I recently took Capone to our vet because I filmed an erratic heartbeat of his that seemed really odd since it wasnt an exact rhythmic pattern. I of course being a worrywart, called his vet and immediately started googling it to find out if there was something wrong with Capone. After a short trip to the vet and lots of reassurance, our vet found nothing wrong with Capone, thank goodness! Here’s a clip of what I filmed.. tell me what you think?


Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we plan on taking Josh out to breakfast and then later on to the movies. He got his gift a little early this week ( a 47 inch flatscreen/HD TV)  so I couldn’t get him another large gift.  Instead I bought him a new yummy cologne and I ran around tonight picking up some goodies to make him a very cute card 🙂



Hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day to all the papas of human and furry children!


Love, Val & Capone

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Holidays and a visit from Tia A!!

We had planned a very mellow three-day weekend with the kids and we got a call from Allie, my sister-in-law saying she was coming up to stay with us for the weekend! The last time we saw her was in April for my father-in-law’s birthday party when we went up to Shingle Springs.

Boy was she surprised at how big everyone has gotten… kids AND Capone 🙂 I’ve been using my Iphone for all of my pictures since my nice camera was in the shop with a shutter issue so I took a ton of pictures now that I have it back! Capone LOVED hanging out with Tia Allie.. and the kids were attached to her hip the whole time she was here 🙂

Hey Mom, whats in your hand??

Ooo Tia Allie’s hair looks kinda yummy tho!

Poor Allie got tons of attention!

But what on EARTH is that box in Moms hand that keeps doing flashies???

And of course, no visit is enough without being turned into a sofa for Capone!

I love this picture!!

After Capone’s little snuggle fest, he brought over some of his favorite toys to play with including his squeaky snake and his Elmo 🙂

Showing off my best zooms!

 And his super doggie strength!

As usual, you can guess what happened after 45 minutes of showing off his best tricks and playing as hard as he could..

After tucking the big boy in, we decided to take the kids out for a little walk to the local park down the street.

Isnt this the cutest little wagon? My in-laws gave this to Logan for his birthday but since he had it in December, we haven’t really used it due to the weather. But now that it’s getting much nicer, the canopy is so useful especially for my little fair-skinned sweeties.

Prince Lo climbing up Princess Lily’s tower.. according to her 🙂

And although it was only a short trip, we all loved every second we got with Tia Allie!

Also, no weekend wouldn’t be complete without some new fabric! Check out the newest prints 🙂

I made a beach tote for Allie with the peacock fabric and a medium tote in the Dia De Los Muertos fabric.

My helper as always 🙂 He can clear the ironing board now!

The finished product!

This is probably one of my favorite fabrics and I’ve gotten a fantastic response from friends of mine that are wanting to have a bag made just like this one.  Unfortunately, as I found out today, when trying to order more, I found out that it is already out of print!!! After being on the phone for a while with every wholesaler I could talk to, I finally found the last 14 yards of it!! I special ordered it and although im bummed that it will no longer be made, I’m excited for anyone who gets to have a part of this limited edition bag!

Tomorrow I’ll be checking out how my other bags are doing at For Other Living Things and seeing how progress there is. If you don’t remember, it’s the pet boutique that I got to sell my items at.  You can check out the post here. Hopefully I’ve sold at least one!

If not, you’ll see them on my soon-to-be Etsy shop 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Val & Capone

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