Shame on Me!

Its been a while since I last posted and a big shame on you to.. well.. me! Its been a very hectic two weeks and its so nice to be winding down Lily’s last days of preschool, a ton of doctor’s appointments and other personal gotta-do’s that I’ve finally gotten taken care of!

Capone’s outtings (mostly the car outtings) have been slim to none due to the fact that the big boy just will NOT jump into the car by himself! He’s well over 100 pounds now and I can no longer lift his rump into the rear of my Sequoia. No matter how many treats I offer, and i’m talking bacon, chicken, hot dogs, liver.. stuff that he would usually go nuts over, just does not do any good for coaxing him into the back of the car. Josh has the magic touch because he’s gotten him to jump in way more times than I have. I’m just scared that he’ll jump in, get out at our destination and then refuse to get back in when its time to go home! So our outtings have been mostly our daily walks, playtime outside and to our weekly training classes.

Capone has started training classes again! We are now in Canine Middle School which is the continuation of the Puppy series classes taught at A Dog’s Life in Sunnyvale. His classes are on Saturday and even though he works well at doing the commands he is one distracted boy! No matter what I have in my hand as a treat, his focus is mostly on what the other dogs are doing. Don’t get me wrong, he listens and does what he’s asked. He just always has his head in sight and almost leaning to the side so he can get a glance at who else is in the room. Gotta love my social butterfly!

Here he is in class showing off his best “down” position 🙂

Since the classes are on Saturday, we still get a chance to enjoy the tired version of Capone in case we want to go somewhere crowded like a local park and not have him be overly excited or anxious. Today was so hot (106) so we just let him relax after his class since the heat was almost overwhelming by the time it was time to go home.

Its Hot, Mom!!

I recently took Capone to our vet because I filmed an erratic heartbeat of his that seemed really odd since it wasnt an exact rhythmic pattern. I of course being a worrywart, called his vet and immediately started googling it to find out if there was something wrong with Capone. After a short trip to the vet and lots of reassurance, our vet found nothing wrong with Capone, thank goodness! Here’s a clip of what I filmed.. tell me what you think?


Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we plan on taking Josh out to breakfast and then later on to the movies. He got his gift a little early this week ( a 47 inch flatscreen/HD TV)  so I couldn’t get him another large gift.  Instead I bought him a new yummy cologne and I ran around tonight picking up some goodies to make him a very cute card 🙂



Hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day to all the papas of human and furry children!


Love, Val & Capone

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5 thoughts on “Shame on Me!

  1. Luna

    HAHAHA! Luna will not jump into vehicles either!! Luckily, I can still hoist her backend in 😉 We have tried all the best treats too and she just won’t do it. . .

    • Hi Luna! I have to hop in the backseat and coax him to come into the car which half of the time doesnt work! What stubborn furbabies!!


      Val & Capone

  2. I Am Going To have to come back again whenever my course load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your Rss feed so i can read your web blog offline. Cheers.

  3. Deadra

    It looks like his heartbeat is irregular in relation to his breathing….

    • It looks off doesn’t it?? Which is why I called but apparently there’s nothing wrong with him which was a relief!

      Love, Val & Capone

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