Who’s ready for high school?

Capone is!!! Well, Canine High School, that is. We have completed yet another training course, Canine Middle School and it went really well! I think the biggest issue we have had in most of Capone’s classes is his inability to stay focused because there is so many dogs to look at/sniff/meet, etc, that he is Mr. Distraction in class. As the classes progressed I found him focusing more on the task at hand and actually impressing me with his attention. Not that he wont resist the urge to “woo woo” once in a while to make sure everyone knows he’s in class, but its made the experience so much more enjoyable! I dont think he’s ready to pass the Canine Good Citizen exam just yet, but its just one step closer to the goal!

Waiting patiently for his turn to take a picture at graduation

My lovely graduate

All the doggies also got to pick out a toy from the toy bin as a prize after class and of course, anything with a squeaky was just perfect!

Guess how long it lasted?

Two hours later, the squeaky toy was mangled, there was poly-fill everywhere and bits of little fuzzy fabric everywhere! Oh well, at least he enjoyed his silly self!

Since I never officially took his 9 month pictures, I decided to give him a mini photo shoot.

Showing me his best lean

And his long legs 🙂

The other day, we went over to our friend Mika and Luke’s house so that we could have a doggie playdate with one of Capone’s closest friends, Raja. We think they have those kinds of friendships that no matter how much time has passed, when they finally get together its like no time has gone by. Ever since day one (when they first met at puppy socials a good 6 months ago) Capone and Raja hit it off as if they were two peas from the same pod. No matter what, they are always drawn to each other and its nice to see them enjoying each others company whenever they are around each other.

They live about 15 minutes away from us and have a really nice courtyard in front of their home so its nice to have a spot that the doggies could run and jump without having to go to a dog park far away. Boy, was Capone super excited to see his pal! Excuse the blurry pictures, they were running around like jackrabbits and I still havent perfected my action shooting!

The magic sign of Capone being tired of running…. DROOL!

So we gave our friends nice smooches goodbye and hoped we would see them again soon!

On a more personal note, we have decided to keep Capone intact for a few more months. Originally we were going to neuter him at 9 months but now that the time has come, we feel like a little more time would be okay. Considering he isnt marking, or being aggressive to any dogs that he comes in contact with, the need for it really isn’t there. Not to mention he is still a growing boy and would probably benefit from all the extra testosterone 🙂 Another decision we are teetering around is to gastropexy or not to gastropexy. It is a procedure that would surgically attach his stomach to the abdominal wall in effort to greatly reduce the risk of gastric bloat. This happens in large breed dogs because theyre stomachs are not attached to the wall of their abdomen. According to my vet its a very simple procedure that can be done during neutering and has had wonderful results in dogs that could have this happen to them. We’re still deciding if we want to do this or not so i’ll keep you informed of what other research we have done to help us make this decision.

Until next time! Have a great week 🙂

Val & Capone

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2 thoughts on “Who’s ready for high school?

  1. Luna

    Congrats on finishing another course, Capone!! You are such a good boy! And so handsome!!

    We are having the pexy done when we have Luna spayed. It is a fairly simple procedure and good to do when they are being ‘fixed’. And the statistics on it are astounding! Also, I am a huge worry-wort and I know that if we don’t have the pexy done, I will always be paranoid that she will bloat. Our vet wanted to wait until at least 10 months to do the pexy, so we are going to schedule the spay/pexy for the end of this month! Our vet (and our good friend who is also a vet) both highly highly highly recommended the pexy. I guess, to us, it didn’t seem like there was any good reason to not have it done. It does cost a bit more, and the incision will be a little bigger, but I think it’s worth it. Anyways, it is a big decision, and I’m sure whatever you guys decide will be the right choice for you! 🙂

    • We’ve decided to get the procedure done because its just one less thing to worry, right? Considering these love bugs only get a little bit of time with us, its one way to prevent that from adding to an already somewhat short lifespan. Its a bit pricey but so worth it IMO. Thanks for the reply!



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