10 months and still growing!

Happy 10 months Capone! My goodness, time flies πŸ™‚

We’ve had a pretty busy past two weeks (hence the lack of posts) but heres a little recap πŸ™‚ Lily turned 4 and we celebrated it pirate style at a local park complete with a pirate watermelon ship, tattoos, and a bouncey castle.



She had an awesome time and got a new scooter from us, a handful of toys that she wont see for another few months because I like to slowly introduce in new items, some very cute clothes, and books.

She was so excited about her scooter, even Capone came in to try it out πŸ™‚Image

We were having a gorgeous weather week so we decided to take it for a spin! About 5 minutes away is a plaza/courtyard that is just outside of Josh’s old office building. When Lily was younger, we would go have picnics with Josh there during his lunch hour and enjoy the sunshine. Now that the kids are a little older, we can go and ride bikes and go for walks since it is a large area of smooth concrete to enjoy.


In the middle of one part of the courtyard is a really awesome clock the kids like to visit. Every hour it moves its gears and whistles and drops balls and chimes along. Its a hit with the kids! Capone.. not so much but he patiently waited until the kids had their fill of the clock πŸ™‚

ImageWe also had a playdate with some close friends who have a male poodle named Bodie. We hadn’t visited our friends, the Sandstroms, in a few months, and they were so surprised at how much Capone had grown. Last time we saw Bodie, I considered him a big dog, but giggled at how much smaller he was now. We always consider Capone to be of “normal” size to us since obviously we’re so used to his stature by now. Β Here are a couple pics of the boys have some fun πŸ™‚




Ive also been somewhat busy with my small business tote bag endeavor! I just got my business cards in the mail so i’m pretty excited about that!



Cute huh!

Here are two of my latest bag creations..


So since Capone turned 10 months yesterday, I wanted to weigh him again. He’s looking rather thin and no matter how much we feed him, he doesnt seem to fill out at all! My vet said that since hes a large breed it was always best to keep him on the leaner side and the breeder also said that he would be like a teenage boy, really lanky and really thin! Boy was she right because when he stepped on the scale it read..


I was actually expecting a lot more.. kind of in the 120s but its totaly fine πŸ™‚ This is what he weighed when we last weighed him in May..


And since we brought Lily with us it was mandatory to stop and see the kitties and the assorted rodents.ImageImage


What do you mean thats the end of the blog post??

Ciao! Until next time πŸ™‚

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