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Happy Birthday Capone!!

Well, my darling Capone turned 1 years old today and I can’t believe time has gone so quickly! I wanted to make quite a bit of a production today but we got back into town this afternoon after celebrating my brother’s wedding in San Francisco.  Take a look at this gorgeous view.. Isnt it amazing?  They got married on Treasure Island and this was the view from the chapel he and his lovely wife got married in. We had a fantastic time and even though I was so excited to see Capone, we just had no energy after two days of rockin the casbah.  Can you tell I look exhausted?

Treasure Island Chapel, SF

 Needless to say, its been a busy and hectic couple of days! I was able to take Capone out last weekend though to do a pre-celebration to San Jose’s Bark In the Park. Its a yearly festival to celebrate the pooches. Since he was so patient and understanding when we were all sick two weeks ago with the flu, I had the hubby stay home with the kids and I took Capone just him and I out to have a little fun.

There were booths, food, vendors, activities and people/doggie-watching/sniffing 🙂 Capone loved it!!

He got his picture taken and everything 🙂

Other than another Irish Wolfhound that we met, Capone was the tallest doggie that we saw there. We also met two other Danes! One was not so friendly and actually snapped at him (how rude!) and another sweet female Dane. She was shorter than Capone and didn’t have such large jowlies. He also met some very small friends too that I think he was very curious about..

Wow, I didnt know they make them that small, Mom!

Capone was very patient if he met a small doggie friend, after all, who wants a huge snout coming at them, ya know? Sometimes little guys need just a bit more space than the bigger dogs. After a while, most of the small doggies would let Capone get close to get a mutual sniff.

It was a great day for promoting my new line of bandannas too!  Did you notice Capone’s Star Wars bandanna? I recently started making double-sided bandannas that avoid the hassle of tying or velcroing onto a doggies neck , but instead slip onto the collar. I like to think it avoids a choking hazard and loosing them! Not to mention, some doggies just dont like the feel of a rough collar and would rather have some nice fabric against their skin especially if they have skin conditions or are prone to having their skin irritated by a collar so voila’.. here are a few pics of the new prototypes. I randomly chose 10 of my friends that all have doggies of different sizes and am in the process of sending out their finished products based on collar size. I have dog models ranging from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.  I’m also happy that I will be able to put them into my favorite independently owned pet stores once I get good feedback from my trials. Another reason I’m excited is that I will be putting a portion of the proceeds to animal charities and will be picking a different charity each month in order to raise money from different charities such as SPCA, pet rescue, pet assisted therapy services and cancer research. Here is a sample of one 🙂

I sent this bandanna and one just like it to cousin Boston’s named Piper and Lady. Here they are modeling it for me 🙂

Such gorgeous ladies!!

Also, on the subject of charities, I have signed up Capone and I to walk our first Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer walk next month! The Bark In the Park was truly a test on how he reacted to having so many dogs around him and to see if he could be focused on me with so many distractions.  Since he did so well we were definitely on board. One of my Mother’s best friends’ Golden Retriever passed away at a very early age due to cancer so we are walking in memory of our friend Mocha. It should be an amazing day and of course I will try and post pictures when the time comes! Here is a link to show my page.

Tomorrow we are planning on taking Capone to his favorite walking trail and also setting up a meeting with a photographer friend to take some birthday pictures 🙂 We met her at Bark In the Park and took some very cute pictures of Capone. Here is one of my favorites!i=2096170877&k=Gq4bjRZ&lb=1&s=L

Even though we didnt party like we had planned, we did however, give him his favorite meal!! Here is the birthday boy enjoying his beef heart 🙂

They were massive!

He’s always very excited when they get delivered!

Here is to many more birthdays with my big buddy!

We love you Capone!

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