Doggie Tricks/Obediance

Bubbles, Tricks and Geese :)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Capone turned 4 months old last Sunday on the 22nd, and while I was envisioning us going somewhere amazing and fun-filled to celebrate, my body had other plans 😦 I came down with the worst flu I’ve had in a few years on Wednesday and it completely left me out of comission up until yesterday. I felt much better yesterday so I was able to at least take some pictures to commemorate the occasion 🙂

Happy 4 Months, Capone!

..and still growing 🙂

Enjoying his favorite treat, a trachea

I asked Lily what she wanted to give Capone as a present and she said “BUBBLES”!!! So out the bubbles came and Capone had a great time trying to pop them 🙂

Mesmerized by the floating bubbles!

Sorry it’s so blurry, two little children and a puppy and moving bubbles are very hard to photograph 🙂

Since I was feeling better, I decided to make it up to Capone today by going on an extra long walk to go see the geese that come visit every year at the Sunnyvale Community Center. Not to mention, there are tons of fountains, lots of nice doggies that also come to walk and Capone’s favorite, lots of music and dancers always practicing for some sort of event. This time, we were lucky enough to preview some Chinese fan dancers that were practicing a routine. It was so beautiful!  Capone was so intrigued by the geese and smart boy knew better than to go running after them. I think he was a little scared in fact! He got lots of love and lots of questions. Especially about his ears and what kind of doggie he was. Some people still think he looks like a Weimerainer or a Lab!

Enjoying the beautiful day!

Lots of geese to look at! But careful enough to stay his distance 🙂

After a nice piece of chicken…

He was ready for a little snooze 🙂

I also got the energy to make a little video of him showing off his tricks that he learned in Puppy 1 and is currently working on in Puppy 2. (Excuse the way I look, it had been a couple days since I had brushed my hair :P) Oh and for those who are curious, the mat we used for his Puppy 2 class worked GREAT! And yes, he did share with some of his fellow puppy classmates 😉

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