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The Great Outdoors Part 2

Our trip to Shingle Springs last weekend was fantastic! We had a great first day ( If you missed the post, here it is) which consisted of us exploring the entire property with the kids and Capone trying to find a middle ground with their Golden Retriever, Shayna. After playing a few rounds of musical beds that night, we tucked them into bed in the laundry room. Boy, did Capone howl! He got up twice that night and I don’t know if he heard a racoon outside, or some deer but something had him spooked! It’s never been a problem to get him to go to bed but I’m sure it was hard to fall asleep in a room that was unfamiliar with a dog that wasnt too thrilled to share her bedroom. EVERYONE need coffee in the morning 🙂

My FIL (Father-in-law)’s birthday was that day and even though we got a bit rained out, we still had a wonderful time! Unfortunately, my forgetful self forgot to bring my camera charger and it died on me that same day. So no pictures of the party 😦 I did use my Iphone camera for the rest of the weekend but it was charging for the entire event. Boo on me!! I did catch this very cute picture of Lo and Josh enjoying a little fire after the party.

Shayna and Capone spent most of the party in the garage and boy where they happy to be out of it when the guests left. We thought it would be best not to have an 80 pound puppy bulldozing everyone over. It would have been way too overwhelming for him so we put them to bed and promised to make it up to them with a nice walk in the morning. No interruptions, thank goodness, but when we got up in the morning and let him out to do his business we heard him barking and barking. Thinking it was just some deer he was curious about, I went to go check on him because it’s not really like him to just bark incessantly. Look what I found..

He was on top of the walkway at the top of the fountain!! At first I thought he was just barking because he was proud of himself and wanted us to see his cool trick but as we got closer we realized the goof boy was STUCK!!

HELP! How do I get off this thing??

So I panicked thinking he was going to jump or fall back off the wall a-la-Humpty Dumpty style and called Josh. Here is a video of the whole ordeal of the rescue.

Needless to say, Capone did NOT go on the walkway again after that. I think he felt a little embarrassed about it because he followed me around like a shadow for a few hours and would not let me out of his sight. After lunch, he ventured off again and I found my 15th frog of the entire trip. He was beautiful!

I would have taken him home with me but Josh would have killed me. He would have kept us up with the croaking. Boy are they loud!!

The sunset that evening was gorgeous and Capone looked amazing in it 🙂

My MIL’s sister lives down the street and she has alpacas!! So we got up in the morning and went to go visit. Lily is a big fan of them and it was so cute seeing her take a crack at some country chores…

Like feeding the alpacas…

And feeding the chickens..

And collecting freshly laid eggs 🙂

Speaking of eggs.. can you believe I’ve never dyed Easter eggs? That’s what we did when we got back! Easter was that following Sunday so my In-laws wanted to share a little bit of the tradition with the kids since we were leaving that following afternoon.

Ready to dye her creations

Tada!! I think they came out great!

So this whole time, we hadn’t been bothered by Capone at all who is usually practically under my armpit the whole time to investigate what we’re doing especially if its something to do with food but lo and behold he was missing. After a brief check on the usual places he often layed down I peeked into the guest room where we had set up an air mattress on the floor and look who made himself comfy!!

 Caught red-handed! I felt bad kicking him out of the bed but honestly he is not allowed on any furniture so he reluctantly climbed off and went to go and steal Shayna’s bed instead.

He even missed the wildlife right outside the window as he snoozed! Here are the deer checking out my MIL’s garden..

See him behind the fence?

So the coolest thing happened too! Disclaimer: If you are squeamish when it comes to animal parts and organs stop reading 🙂

The day I got to Shingle Springs, I put an ad in Craigslist asking people for raw unwanted meat to feed Capone. As some of you know, we feed Capone a raw diet and I’m always on the lookout for fresh variety to give to him. Sure enough, I got an email the day before we were leaving that a woman was going to slaughter a pig and I was welcome to have the organs for Capone! SO that morning I headed out to the location and pick up a very heavy bag of “yummies” for the dog. I got the lungs, kidneys, spleen and liver. For free!! It was about 4 days of food for him. What a score!

I’d never seen pig lungs before and they were so light and spongy! It was fascinating!

Here I was making serving sized baggy proportions. Good thing I brought my food scale with me!

Check out the size of that liver!!! Holy smokes!!

After my butchering session, we cleaned up, packed all the last-minute stuff and said our goodbyes. By this time, Shayna and Capone were best buds and we made sure to share our last pig ear with her, which she was very grateful for 🙂 Josh had left earlier the previous day and when we finally got home this was waiting for me in the kitchen!

Our week was so much fun but we were all happy to be home..

Especially Capone 🙂

Until next time!

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The Odin Project.

Ive recently been contacted by a man named Thomas Sandberg that is doing research on the life expectancy of large breed dogs in particular Great Danes. He’s trying to research the correlation between diet and life span and breaking the cycle of loosing these gorgeous beauties at such an early age. Its primarily through raw food including prey model and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets, which is what we have Capone on. It makes me hopefull that we are doing the best thing for Capone and prolonging our time with him by giving him the best nutrition possible. I know feeding raw is not for everyone and all doggies can thrive on every kind of doggie food there is, we just feel like there might be a chance to have Capone in our lives as long as possible with choosing this route of nutrition. Here are some links to his website and to participate if you have a large breed dog and the link to his facebook page.



And for those who are interested in feeding raw and learning a little more about the myths and facts about raw feeding, here is a link to some information.. 😉



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